Turning Myself into a Cupcake

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    Hey guys! Today is kind of a different video for me. I'm trying something I've never done before and experimenting with face painting, body painting, wigs, and DIY costumes in order to turn myself into a cupcake. Let's say it's in the name of Halloween....even though I kinda just wanted to do this regardless lol.
    I went for a cupcake because it's kind of my go to design. I've painted and drawn so many cupcakes over the course of my videos. I'm pretty much obsessed with making cupcake art. So, this seemed like the perfect option!
    I am a total novice when it comes to face painting, so this is a super easy face paint design. I know I'm probably making some big mistakes with the technique, but go easy on me, I'm trying 😂. I have also created and easy DIY costume using clothes I already had in my closet and basically just decorating them. I think the final look came out very interesting haha. Hope you like it and enjoy the video!

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    1. Lindsey Moreno

      Moriah cooler queen and a White shirt Whatttttttt

      1. Lindsey Moreno


    2. ClawsXBL

      I want you to do this thing where it your cat picks your squishies like so you put it tree in front of it and then you'll cat will go to which she didn't want and like you'll have to use 3 different paints and you're they'll put the tree in front of the cat to see what he'll pick so you can do that and you have to do it for a whole week

    3. pretty pug bear

      Georgie plush and pickle plush:*talking about how amazing Elizabeth is*/everybody:*hearing them*/haters: *hearing them and talk trash that’s not true*/fans: YOU BETTER SHUT UP ABOUT HER OKA HATER!?!?!?!?!

    4. Unicorn 123

      have fun trying to get that stuff off and i loved this vid

    5. Angie Tonkin

      Hey, make Jordan a cupcake. That would be funny

    6. Angie Tonkin

      Omg, I have not seen a video this good in two friking years! Thanks!

    7. Lina Belyamani

      oh wow , i do not want to be rood but that is a bit scary!

    8. Sarah QB

      13:38 Ngl at this part her eyes and stuff make her look like some kawaii anime gorl

    9. Baby bloom

      Moriah Elizabeth: don't make fun of her me: OK! Moriah Elizabeth: gosh she creepy me: 😬 you just made fun of her also me: shes so weird why do i watch her Channel oh that's right because i'm weird too.

    10. Bethany Moore

      well Moriah, weren't you doing this look because it was near halloween, so I think it was supposed to look creepy.

    11. Natalie

      5:51 I actually said "bless u" 🤣😅

    12. Aaron Russell

      i liked it a little but bad it was still cool

    13. Norma Dabaja

      Can I please have a shout out😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    14. Emerld Zheng


    15. Emerld Zheng


    16. Samantha Ibarra

      I love you and bye

    17. Maebel Cahoon

      I laughed about a hundred times, you are hilarious Moriah

    18. Mia Longfellow

      I’m an expert and I’m nine

    19. Mehreen Hussain

      Lets just appreciate how this vid is exactly 15 mins long XD

    20. Midnight Howlerz

      The pain when you get it off your ears The pain when you get it off your eyebrows The pain when you lick your lips The pain when you get it off your nose The pain when you get it off your face The pain when you get it off your eyes But most importantly THE PAIN WHEN YOU GET IT OFF YOUR HAIR

    21. Aydan Vekeria

      I LOVE the bun up do 😍

    22. Cindy idk

      Maybe you could cover the real hair with the wig But you look cute. Not goina lie

    23. _Soybean _

      why did u not play the sprinkles song while drawing the sprinkles on ur top????lol tho

    24. Khloe Le

      Omg did anyone see the awkward back

    25. Aubie L

      Moriah: don’t make fun of her Me: ok Moriah: gosh she’s creepy Me: but but you you told me not to make fun of her

    26. Chanelle Greene

      You should've done audio when you're doing your make up's and then there would be no cracks

    27. Isabel Rehana

      you look like a mime cupcake!

    28. Sophia Harrison

      I'm sorry miss model I shouldn't have laughed ;w; Edit: I dare Moriah to go out like this one time :) oh and mind if sometime I try this?

    29. Dan Domino

      Face paint your face paint your face

    30. thegalaxiespunkdisaster

      Peromance art at its best

    31. Kirsty Patterson


    32. evie sayers

      Her putting down the little head thing me having a staring contest with it we all know who won ;)

    33. Britta Edling

      Who else thinks that Moriah should paint a pop it?

    34. Britta Edling

      Who else thinks that Moriah should paint a pop it?

    35. Britta Edling

      Who else thinks that Moriah should paint a pop it?

    36. Britta Edling

      Who else thinks that Moriah should paint a pop it?

    37. Noemie playz

      LoL my bang's is longer

    38. Hailey Meyer

      it looks so cool but it also looked a little creepy at the end she kind of looked like a cupcake mime

    39. Katy Shovelton

      at the end she looked kinda royal 👑👸🏽

    40. Katy Shovelton

      most of the hair styling was her being mean to her mannequin

    41. Mohammed Ahmed

      Be your self . your making me hungry

    42. Mohammed Ahmed

      I love painting eveythink

    43. Brawler- Einhorn


    44. Shoane

      this is when your famliy dont let you use paper now your the paper

    45. Nethara Senarathne

      Not good yuk you really like a ghost

    46. Esme Kavka

      i remember having to do the eyebrow thing for a creepy doll costume... i had a crusty forehead that day.

    47. Lizzie Dannehl

      The bangs are long so that you can cut them to how you like

    48. Selena Williams-Sanchez

      I dare her to go to jorden

    49. Ellie Walker

      you look more like a mime

    50. Tammy Worthington

      omg this is halarious shes more childish than me and im 10

    51. Willow Hershey

      why can't you just get a cupcake costume?

    52. Ryan Nguyen

      This was posted on my birthday and when I saw the title I was like “Ohhhh what could this be??”

    53. Aliyah Giuliana Garcia

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    54. Sherlyn Delmonte

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    56. Mathilde Geiger


    57. Heather Salon

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    58. RFAS

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    60. Yemaya David

      bless you x2

    61. -MJSarcastic-

      9:43 This kind of reminds me of The Mask, but creepier.

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      She could have just got white lipstick...

    63. Vanessa Lara

      your 25

    64. That Roblox Noob

      The face be like: 👁👄👁

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      Look at time 5:59 ! There is a strap on the models FACE !

    73. Green Queen

      me getting triggered at Moriah's wig brushing

    74. Rachel Otto

      I just have to say lol I’m 27 years old with an 8 year old daughter and we just sit and binge your videos and just crack up and laugh so much. We love watching and love your personality and humor lol 😂 I have the video paused at 10:40 right now and it’s hilarious. So thank you! For the laughs, time, ideas, and fun!

      1. Mathilde Geiger

        lol that is funny:D

    75. Thalia DiDuca

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    82. Random and Weird

      Moriah: “Don’t make fun of her okay?” Also Moriah: “Gosh that’s creepy.”

    83. Random and Weird

      The best thing ever. Legit. I am loving this.

    84. Random Shit

      Moriah verbally abusing the wig stand thing is my favorite part of the video

    85. Jenny Clark

      people who want moriah to customise face masks 👇🏻


      paint a whole deck of cards and put different characters on each card

    87. Tanner Wolfe

      I love this song

    88. Stuffed Animal Vlogs

      I love how you look as a cupcake

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      If James Charles saw this he would of loved to help you! Lol

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      She looks so funny

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    92. benjohns9


    93. benjohns9

      wy don't you make merch white with sprinkles on it

    94. Meenakshi Warrier

      I think that it is really cool, but more than that, it is just so unbelievable how much you sacrifice for people that you do not even know. But if you are ever going to do this ever again, I would recommend drenching your face in water and scraping it off slightly and if will most probably fall off peace by peace eventually.

    95. Galaxy Playz Roblox

      The fact that you have no eyebrows makes it a bit creepy .-. But super beautiful

    96. Carly Birley

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