Turning Myself into a Cupcake

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    Hey guys! Today is kind of a different video for me. I'm trying something I've never done before and experimenting with face painting, body painting, wigs, and DIY costumes in order to turn myself into a cupcake. Let's say it's in the name of Halloween....even though I kinda just wanted to do this regardless lol.
    I went for a cupcake because it's kind of my go to design. I've painted and drawn so many cupcakes over the course of my videos. I'm pretty much obsessed with making cupcake art. So, this seemed like the perfect option!
    I am a total novice when it comes to face painting, so this is a super easy face paint design. I know I'm probably making some big mistakes with the technique, but go easy on me, I'm trying 😂. I have also created and easy DIY costume using clothes I already had in my closet and basically just decorating them. I think the final look came out very interesting haha. Hope you like it and enjoy the video!

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      everyone: “Everyone: she should do a “fixing the unfixable” aka fixing a squishy from the hopeless bin, please copy and paste so she sees”

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