Turning My Squishy into FOOD | Bake With ME #1

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    -i'm going to die from eating raw eggs (i'm still alive, it's fine 😂)
    -that's not how to use a piping tip/bag (i told you I didn't know what i was doing!!! haha)
    -i forgot the powdered sugar (yes i know....i added it at the end. nobody's perfect i guess)
    -i could have just flipped the squishy over since I dipped the wrong side (Tried that, there are no sprinkles on the bottom of the squishy and it looks really awkwardly upside down. couldn't flip the brownie either because i already set it down and the melted chocolate flattened on the plate and hardened)

    Hey Guys! This is kind of a different video than the usual squishy makeover, create this book, crafting kind of thing. I hope you guys don't mind the little change. I like to switch it up every once in a while! And since I was out of town for a few days, this was the perfect opportunity.
    Basically I am using a design for one of my squishy makeovers and turning it into a real-life dessert. My goal is to bake something that looks as close to the original design as possible (easier said than done lol).
    I have had this idea for quite some time. Ever since I saw the whole "squishy vs real food" challenge that was trending awhile ago. This is, well....completely different from that lol, but I kinda got inspiration from that challenge.
    I hope you guys enjoy this "baking with me" video. I had a lot of fun doing it, and it was a nice break since this was so much less time consuming to make than my normal videos. This may be just a one time thing, but I could definitely do it again if you guys want me to! Just let me know. I have plenty more squishy designs I could make IRL.

    RECIPE FOR EASY, NO FAIL BLONDIES: www.inspiredtaste.net/23801/no-fail-blondies-recipe/

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    "Music: Love Light and Twinkles by JivingGerbil (link www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwaUO...)"

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    1. Hufflepuff Gacha Girl

      Me: *is baking with this recipe* Also me: I HAVE TO PUT 1/4 OF A CUP OF bRoWn SuGaAr AFTER I DO ITTTTTTTT

    2. dub L

      can u do another one of these

    3. Sky Shapiro-Pelis

      At 2:44 Moriah says, "my pan has been foiled" and it sounds like a pun that a baker would say when doing something evil but gets caught

    4. Rosie and ROO!

      1:40 And baking stuff (YaAaAaAn) 1:42 Printed out the recipe because....PaPeR!

    5. Golden berry

      I'm just eating because I got hungry when you started😁

    6. Christina Torres

      You should make a part 8 with your ice s’more but

    7. SophieTheSleafy

      You mixed so vigorously that you actually make my phone shake! I dropped, at least I was on my bed UwU.

    8. Puggy Girl!!!!!!

      Me when I’m sick:binging Moriah Elizabeth’s vids

    9. Katherine Wright

      Moriah: *takes a bite* Still Moriah: *a million thoughts in her head* Me: “ So is it good or not?“

    10. Katie G

      *Moriah*: “Oh never mind I got it” *Subtitles*: “Oh and you’re mine I got it” Lol

    11. Mark Frost

      You don’t know how to cook

    12. Zoe Howard

      Moriah: dOnT WoRrY I cLeAnEd It WiTh My BUtT me: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww but really ewww like if you agrre

    13. Zoe Howard

      you shr that "butter" is not PoOp

    14. Lily Ann Peacock

      Omg this makes me soooo hungry

    15. Bubblegum bunny

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    17. Tiger Team

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    18. Tiger Team

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    20. Pan Tutu

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    21. StrxxBrryCloudBear

      “WHO OPENED THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS?!” *munches on the chocolate* me: omfg 😂😂😂 I’m legit dying

    22. StrxxBrryCloudBear

      I love how she had trouble saying three fourths of a cup

    23. De'Zahn Deveto

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    25. scarlett and cats

      Do a donut baking video next

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    27. Niki Mohseni

      I really hope I don't sound like a know-it-all, but the vanilla extract is really expensive because its comes from a vanilla bean, which I think are hard to harvest

    28. Briget Brennan

      no one at all: me: watches Moriah while gets ready for school

    29. Briget Brennan

      does any one else wonder were she sleeps in here

    30. Steph M

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    31. Olesea Diacon

      I'm gonna try baking all of your stuff, and since I'm *NEW* to baking as well, (It's probably because I'm 11 and don't bake often😐) I'll do from easiest food to make to the *hardest one to make. Ok good luck on me because I'll need it. 😐😐😢😳😐 I'll start with this one.

    32. ღXx. Snowbell . xXღ

      Omg this was a year ago I remember it like it was yesterday

    33. Graham

      I can bake and I am 8

    34. Punkin Pie

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    35. GrandpaMooMoo3000Braz

      When the cookies came out the oven it’s looked like cardboard! Sorry, I’m just guessing if they’re cookie!

    36. Abigail Burson

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    37. Kaya Falkenmayer

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    38. Kaya Falkenmayer

      MMMMHHHHHH!!!! looks so good ¬w¬

    39. Doge Jr

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    40. Rukhsana Khan


    41. Teyla Davis

      me when i drop a pipeing tip:oh well moriah:cleaned it with my butt

    42. Teyla Davis

      is enyone else noddist the squiishy is about to fall off the table

    43. Jannetta McClurg

      UYou forgot to add powdered sugar to the top of it at the end “sobs”🥺

    44. G&G Gaming

      These should be called squishy back overs

    45. Tanwen Pearce

      that actually looks good i would eat that

    46. Gormless


    47. Kitty Unicat

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    48. Maddy Sorensen

      I made this and it was so much fun

    49. Poonam Maniyar

      You could just put the sprinklers in the melted chocolate that could be easier

    50. wow

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    51. wow

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    52. Maximo Noyola

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    55. Raya Sunshine

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      1. Pan Tutu

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    58. Amber Bannister

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    60. Kimberly Clarissa Liem 1630035

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    65. Da kokonut

      Wait she went to a trip somewhere and brought her squishy with her ? I am confusion

    66. Heather Knirk

      Moriah: I’m not quaranatened Also Moriah: eats the batter with raw eggs in it.

    67. Kailey Ramos

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    79. Ming Li

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      1. XxCaptian-GachaxX

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    80. • Kad Gacha •

      Person of the home: so you can’t make a mess ok? Moriah: ima pretend I didn’t hear that :) (I don’t know if this is her house or not- I skipped some parts lol)

      1. • Kad Gacha •

        Oh o k

      2. Lana

        • Kad Gacha • I think it’s not ( didn’t she say that in the beginning?)

    81. asif silkyclt

      Pleae do crafts which we can do when we are bored .

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