Trying Art Trends I've Missed

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    Hey guys! So I wanted to dedicate a video to testing out the art trends that I've noticed around social media in the past year, but have never actually taken the time to try out. I ended up running out of time to try more than one trend, because I got stuck on hydro dipping, literally the entire day lol. If you’ve never tried hydro dipping, it’s actually a pretty cool activities.
    It would make a fun art project to do in the summer. Definitely an outdoor project….It reminds me of tie dye, but with spray paint. Also it may or may not be the same thing as water marbling? Not sure.

    I also haven’t researched how to do this, like at all. So forgive me if I’m doing anything wrong. I’m really just documenting me trying new things for the fun of it, not trying to make a comprehensive tutorial. But hopefully if you’re looking for instructions on how to hydro dip, this is somewhat helpful.

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    1. Jihllian Shiloh Bertol

      Umm your supose to dip it slowly


      It is very ez I do it all the time with my dad and we get so good ones

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    18. Shamrock The Green Dragon

      So, I did a hydro dip once for a birthday party (not my own) however instead of spray paint they used nail polish. It might work better than spray paint. I know it’s been seven months since the video came out, but I don’t care.

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    33. Jharoldb2323


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      side note: _yeah no i dont think using spray paint inside is a good idea._ _my mom once set a small fire in our house doing so.._

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