Thrift Store Makeover #6

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    Hey Guys! Welcome to another episode of thrift store makeovers/thrift flips. I love hunting through thrift stores to find old, rejected items and then decorating them and putting my own style on them to turn them into new pieces of art. Today I decided to use an antique clutch (satchel lol) and I decorated it using leather paints.
    I hope you like bright, colorful designs, and butterflies! Also, bringing back the fruit theme so get ready for that.
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    1. Audie Jea

      Not even lying its macaroon not macaron I'm not a hater I love u! (For other video)the other video had no commenting place So :P

    2. Sonja Sanor

      Watermelon is my favorite food!!!

    3. Manisha Tiwari

      What song do you play on 06:56?

    4. Molly’s Vlogs

      You should get a clutch just like that and put the fruit themed catipilars on instead

    5. Maryam Maryamqtr9

      Who else is from Qatar too? I know this has nothing to do with the video :)

    6. Coles Homestead

      Hey you have w ay Better skills at painting than me

    7. Li-Lac The red panda

      I thought it was going to be a rainbow in the sky but when I saw the picture of it I’m like oh I was wrong

    8. kayleigh walsh

      that "Eye eye eye eye eye" song scares me.

    9. Natty S.

      I love ur vids moriah!

    10. Karlie GC


    11. {Lil Cherrie}

      Her: I’m painting the bag pink Me: then why is the brush blue- Her: Hahah no it blue I was joking

    12. Im Trash


    13. Katie Turner

      I like it

    14. Delainey Forsee

      It'S a SHaTChel 🤪

    15. Iliayah Redmond


    16. Not so Anonymous

      if my "wallet" was blue, i'd paint it with red roses and green leaves.. that's how basic I am😂

    17. Brenna Edgerton

      Me kid

    18. Paul Sandberg

      But Bugs cute

    19. Crafting With Grace

      I loooove the back!! The leaves are so intricate and the watermelon butterfly is beautiful!

    20. olivia williams

      You always say that you are not going to do watermelon then you do it. I is so funny. Not my favorite design that you have done but I like it. I give you a lot of credit.

    21. Mia Day


    22. Mermer FunTime

      Moriah: Does CPR on the clutch Me: Laughs 😄

    23. Katie Dietrich

      I am so afraid of butterflys that is like my biggest fear.

    24. Niki Mohseni

      I really wanna comment SOMETHING, but I dunno what to say... Wait, im saying something right now, sooooo??

    25. Jose Carlos Mguel Cudala

      Have she played gacha life?☺☺

    26. Margaux Mankin

      Love the memes

    27. Nanook the Doggo

      *special treatment* WHOOPS!

    28. Josephine Costello

      does any one like my profile picture...

    29. gabriela erazo

      artist be like: :00000 SHE MISSED A SPOT THIS IS UNECCTABLE


      You are a artist beautiful it was so so nice the butterflies and the shade of the leaves it was amazing I just loved it amazing beautiful superb

    31. Sophie BumbleBee

      nobody: Moriah: it's super bare-bones... Me: baRe BoNes kInDA baNneR

    32. Anna Stercula

      You love rainbow I love rainbow Give a like if you like rainbow 👇

    33. ŁiaAndTheCircus5

      Let’s be honest, we all know Brite Bomber would be Moriah’s favorite skin in fortnite.

    34. Olivia Hermand

      hi i really LOVE you items in you shop BUT my mom say i dont can get it so NOW i angry on my mom:(

    35. Ms.Kawaii

      wait- My uncle sponsered u??

    36. Madi Renson

      That awkward moment when you are asked what your fave song and it is fingers down my spine girl you look mighty fine

    37. Alyssa Hester

      When the string was on the SaChLe it really bothered me

    38. sawyer7 sevans

      Who wants this to be merch?

    39. Aubrey Fraser

      I made fruit butterflys before

    40. Kayla Fletcher


    41. fatima akber

      Moriah should have made cotton candy on her bag cuz her nails are pink and blue Cotton candy color!!

    42. Jenny Marshman

      Do a massive stool if you can find one

    43. Jenny Marshman

      You know I'm tommy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy Yeh

    44. Jenny Marshman

      Yes you have said butterflies too many time

    45. Jenny Marshman

      If you did a pink back round it would match your nails

    46. lauren luley

      I wanted you to do Cousin Derb.

    47. Eilis Awesome Hearts


    48. kidsnmedaycare kidsnmedaycare

      Wut the heck is a satchel🤣

    49. kidsnmedaycare kidsnmedaycare

      That is very plain......

    50. Kendall Herber

      i didnt even notice the gap intill you pointed it out

      1. Mary Heston

        same lol

    51. Tiana Fitzsimmons

      I am upset you shouldn't be ruined these priceless artifacts that one day could cost millions of dollars but you just painted on it

      1. Mary Heston

        the whole point is that she's giving it a makeover...

    52. Heather Makes

      who likes the mango themed butterfly best? ME!

    53. Fancy Cat

      I like how she talks to us like she knows us

    54. ꨄITᘔᑕᕼᗴᗴᑎᗩꨄ

      Wait a minute.... at 4:07 you can clearly see she has a mark on her wrist... what happened Moriah? (I know this is hella late to comment this but I just noticed this)

    55. Anna Richardson

      She makes words 2 so Complex but like it’s online scrapple...thats it.

    56. moriah skits

      Stop saying crusty dusty musty Moriah: crusty dusty must Me: i get it Moriah:crusty old wallet 💼👜👛👝 Me:paint it already

    57. anareli nava

      ;-; Thats true Mango got behind RIP Mango

    58. Alyssa B

      Love it so so pretty

    59. rich stephen

      I have a problem with fruit as well. I painted my water bottle like a strawberry

    60. Alison Wen


    61. Ashley Cookie

      You can use that bag as makeup bag????

    62. Jaqueline Galindo

      Art paint draw scetch oRt

    63. abriana Jones


    64. Kat Fryer

      To be honest when you first said you were going to paint the clutch my heart dropped. I was like what nooo. But as you were doing it I LOVED it so much like this is what it was meant to become. It started as a caterpillar and you made it a butterfly. AMAZING.

    65. Cherry_Berry3

      its a little late to say but when you said "it looks kinda green..." well orange has yellow in it and yellow+blue=green, so it turned it slightly green im sorry i just had too

    66. Autumn Chyanne Fobbs

      Yes do it make into a caterpillar someday please make it into a caterpillar watermelon that will be very cute

    67. Mark Fletcher


    68. Megan Walsh

      Mariah - chaotically normal and weird

    69. LaraTheMagicalPlayzRoblox

      Moriah: Subdude Me: LOL OMG SHE SAID DUDE 😂 My brother: Everyone says dude, dude. Me: YOU SAID DUDE TOO OMG LOL 😂 My brother: SHUT UP!!!

    70. Olivia Schooley

      I just realized that I’m the 20,000th comment 🙀

    71. Tiny_cat_forever UwU

      Morah you have inspired me to start art thank you

    72. Lia 36

      Who else hears Moriah say that people complain about what she does in the comments but never sees any mean comments. Just me?

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      I literally gasped when you started painting it. 😂 But, you go girl.

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      I love your vids i am watching one of them

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      WhY dId YoU nOt PaInT tHe GaPs Of ThE cLaSpe MoRiAh! *your welcome*

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      I wanna see Mei design a thrift fanny pack

    80. Duckcoockies with a cup tea

      You do it again! A watermelon!

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      I feel like she should just wear/ use all of her stuff that she painted

    82. Aisling Glusek


    83. Maleeha Qazi


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      Looks like they are under water

    85. Madhura Kale

      I m a kid but I like watching your videos you are so funny , artistic , cool . Love from India ☺️

    86. Isabelle Howell

      Sponsor is Words with Friend Me: I thought she didn't have friends? Exlaimer! Im joking not trying to be mean on purpose!

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      I think you should do a purse with roses on it

    88. Gia Kwak

      Facts 3:25

    89. Elisa Katlinskaya

      LOVE IT

    90. Lauren Thompson

      Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Moriah: *Preforms CPR on a clutch*

    91. Tymothy Young

      So happy to find out that I'm not the only one accidentally washing their paint brush in their tea/coffee. Just wondering though have you then continued to paint and completely forgotten your tea/coffee has paint in it and actually taken a mouthful before you remember. Not good. 😅😂💜🙄

    92. Pixy Agatha Paramitha

      And i like your UMM something?

    93. Pixy Agatha Paramitha

      Nevermind i try it it is fun!

    94. Pixy Agatha Paramitha

      I don't like that game

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      who is watching this in 2020 what?

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      That nice

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      clean the dirty

    98. Ga͓̽c͓̽h͓̽a͓̽ X ђ๏гг๏г

      Her:see you guys next week Me:goes to the first thrift store video she made “HI AGAIN”

    99. Teagan Kehoe

      What you’re missing is a Rainbow Apple butterfly : I forgot to add butterfly so if you see this was edited then just ignore that

    100. Jan Braker

      Her:this bag is died.The bag:WAIT WHAT I HAVE A FAMILY