Thrift Store Makeover #4

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    Hey Guys! Welcome to episode #4 of my thrift store makeover series where I take something I've found out of a thrift store (or actually, in this case i found it at a yard sale, but still) and I strip it down and give it a makeover. This always involves a lot of color, sometimes glitter, and a lot of PAINT. Hope you enjoy!
    This time I'm flipping a wooden carousel wall hanging that I found at a yard sale. I believe this is a vintage item, but it hasn't aged well at all. It definitely needs a makeover. I want to hang this in my art room (ART ROOM TOUR: which happens to be full of color and cutesy stuff. I'm going to be doing a lot of decorating to get this looking bright and festive so it fits better with my craft room aesthetic LOL.

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    Intro Music by: SHIFTYPOP
    "Music: Love Light and Twinkles by JivingGerbil
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    1. Moriah Elizabeth

      So I think the general consensus is that the hooks are for keys. Makes sense 😂 I won't actually be using this for my keys since it's for my art room and it would be a super inconvenient place to put my keys, but still. Good to know I guess 🤷‍♀️

      1. Joel Colchado

        Hi moriah Elizabeth

      2. Shab Shaheed

        Omg hi!

      3. Ruhina Rafiq

        You are like the best HUfastr and my friend Abigail she is obsessed with you like every day she would go on her phone and watch your channel!


        elmarie the essence of burnt waffles 0

    2. Caroline D

      If you do not like colors get out this is not where you belong

    3. Kennedy Brinson

      fingers up my spin

    4. Tammy Patrick


    5. Rosemarie Covarrubias

      Moriah.. this is the weapon of art. Neighbor’s.. oh no our neighbor just has a weapon run for your life🙀.moriahHey neighbor I heard that you are having a yard sale today hello I am here

    6. Rosemarie Covarrubias

      stop Saying gesso 😑👍🏽

    7. Analis Aguirre

      Yass I missed that song too u should play it more often... : )

    8. rainbow clouds stars moon



      I like the wood

    10. Sham Kamalah


    11. brittani rife

      Your. So. Funny. And. So. Sweet

    12. Belle Cosgrove

      we need a video where you make things to hang on the hook

    13. M. Burnette

      Is Mrs. Moriah ambidextrous???? 🤔

    14. r. ken delacruz

      Red blue yellow

    15. Tanjila Farzana

      And my name is idont want to tell you but to is not taanzila it is my mom's name okkkk it is true 😑😶😐

    16. Tanjila Farzana

      I like it so much after the makeover I think it is better after the makeover

    17. Jill Sasser

      Mariah and skin cells from other people I don’t know us in 2020 coronavirus

    18. chocolate gurl

      But gesso is paint isn't it?

    19. Rumeha fantacitc Games an art

      I love you u inspired me to try art

    20. Sasana Roberto

      I am sorry but I was dying of laughter at mUsTy lAcE lol yUmMy Xd

    21. Clemente Animations

      4:56 When you wanna *just wanna eat some pickles* .... and the lid is like a Hercules him self

    22. Mayzie Keeler

      Your nails are the same nails as in the next video....🤔

    23. Obadiah Jackson

      I can tell that it is lighter colors

    24. madeleen Galaxy

      The sprinklers song

    25. madeleen Galaxy

      Maria should have gone with like the plain colour just added white for they like the green colour because it's already like a aqua blue wish Tiffany colour so you didn't have to add more colouring and make it more blue because now just look ugly and I am obsessing over that colour because it's like all of my room and I dislike I know that colour and you were told you naming a other colour that is actually kill teal I do not know what is Kildare and mint Hill teal like till like the colour and that's the colour you have Blair and the colour that was the before was my actual favourite colour well once I get a list of those and one of them were like mint chocolate is green the colour that's useless if you are reading this you're probably reading it in a future because I posted this and wait for me in 2020 2020 OK at least it says 2020 now but yeah I'm literally not having a cuppa colour so that's all I'm going to say but love it love the design everything💧❤🧡💛💚💙💜

    26. shelly kay

      I miss that song please play it in videos

    27. Eleanor's Vloggs

      hi hi

    28. Paloma Terry

      her color sceme was pan flag plus white! not on purpose, but still. happy pride noises.

    29. Elize VERGOTTINI

      I like all jour art I am a big van

    30. Wasan Nissan

      I really really love the colours☺️🥳🤩

    31. D Rounsville

      Moriah .."don't cut towards yourself " later* " owie

    32. Serena Blair Villegas

      Your nails is like our flag 🇵🇭

    33. Elisa Morales

      8:27 wait...JAMES CHARLES shore

    34. Todd Wilson

      I love what you made it into also I love horses

    35. Aiman Hakim

      No. when you put those color it's more beautiful.

    36. Sophia Thomas

      Introducing Moriah. Who has the will to mildly stab herself with a knife and say "Owie" instead of cussing. *Truly Revoloutional*

    37. Auroraplays morrow

      Is any body watching in 2020?

      1. Sophia Thomas

        dUh i just came here to make my bootiful comment

    38. Harry Bowden

      Pls can you get a lamp from a thrift store

    39. Berlin Brown

      Fingers down my spine is my favourite song that you play

    40. Hannah Farmer

      I love your videos 🌺🌺🌺🦄

      1. Sophia Thomas

        (if ya wanna say dat you might wanna go to her newer videos 0-0)

    41. goldenox888

      How about we paint a wall

    42. Sienna's dream dancing Channel

      Here's me in 2020 eating caramel buiscet vieneta

    43. David M

      Moriah: let's only say positive things the rest of the video Me: oh yeah

    44. Lemon Pop

      Oh I liked it better when it was just plain wood you ruined it when you added all the colour

    45. Mia Barbaro

      What is the fingers down my side called

    46. Maayra Ketkar


    47. Tallulah Cant

      Worst year anyone? 😃

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      I’m a 7 year old girl and I draw realestic eye and there good

    49. Keesha McFarland

      You have cursed me. Now every time I see small glittery items I say “LITTLE SHINNIESSSSSSSS”.

    50. Wɪʟʟᴏᴡ Sᴀɢᴇ

      Who else loves that she says crevises so much? Its so satisfying the way she says it

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      I love your videoes

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      I like hores you are so creative my favorite youtuber Me

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      Moriah's work out: open gesso My work out : get out of bed

    54. Ember’s World

      I totally didn’t like it before

    55. Ember’s World


    56. Kristan Wolgamott

      I like the plain wood one you ruined it when you added all the colors change it back you better next time you better keep it as a plain wood one with something maybe you could add like a one rainbow and it has to be small okay happy Halloween I get bullied too much so I'm staying inside I'll be watching a lot of your videos okay and please no more of that cringy music please.

    57. Allisa xoxo Jordan # amazing

      Elizabeth please make horse Squishy’s OK

    58. Nadia Stahiv

      Its key hanger. But squishes are fine too

    59. tilak rai

      Really? Owie?

    60. Abigail Burkey

      When you see the legs you can’t not see them


      Can you do your hometour and show us your all thrift store makeover

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      make that song fingers down my spine your intro music

    63. hunter fortune


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      I think you will never make a video of no art

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      5:47 That sound tho XD

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    78. Kumari

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    79. Kumari

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    83. Ava Corcoran


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      Is it me or is it that I always see a bug in the video-

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    88. VintageCello345

      The horses are Angelica, Eliza and Peggy. I love em!

    89. Mark Herman

      I love you so much I am a big fan I also miss that song fingers down my spine haha!!!!


      I want a collaboration of Dollightful and her I bet it would be a squishy as a doll and a doll as a squishy.

    91. Daniella Nobrega

      I have been a fan for years and never ever commented something so um..... what do I say? Oooo I know, I watch videos and eat........

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    94. Kathy Jurgel

      Want to buy that??? ☺️

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      you did good job 👍☺️

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      The early 90s really was the wild wesr for home decor.... We did we allow that stuff? Im sorry, us old people are weird. 😂 Living through the 80s and 90s is probably why my house looks so sterile now. White bedspreads, black curtains, black and white pillows. . . Literally all simple shapes and black and white. Its cleansing after the 80s and 90s.