Squishy Makeover: Fixing Your Squishies #15

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    Hey guys! Today is another squishy makeover, obviously. I took on a couple really unique ones today. Actually kinda scary....and creepy. Plus one super basic one LOL. Which makeover do you like best?
    Also. The Koala issue that I mentioned about my LAST makeover video (this is serious). I really don't think that squishy was a koala. Koalas have rounded ears (the squishy had long floppy ears aka a BUNNY COSTUME) and vertical noses (that squishy had a very horizontal nose: BEAR). It also had a very pronounced rim around the face (You can see it in the version I showed today, since it's a COSTUME!) Anddd it was otherwise just plain so i have no idea why most people said it was a koala. But, LET THE DEBATE BEGIN! hahahaha
    Welcome to another episode of squishy makeovers, where I transform ugly, used, old, dirty, cheap or unwanted squishies (donated by my subscribers) into my own creations. I repair, paint and cut away for hours on end to complete these. Hopefully you like them. Get used to lots of rainbow and sprinkles, because I am addicted to both!
    I always try to give painting tips and advice, while trying to make i fun.
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    BAKING VIDEOS: hufast.info/plan/vide/r4erhrJ-vomrXo0

    -The ballet video of me I showed was from 2012. I was in 11th grade. I love how they edited the recording to zoom out when I fell. Trying to take attention away from the fact I literally fell on my butt haha

    ________ Materials List__________

    So many generous people have sent me their unwanted squishies so I actually have a lot to work on already, BUT if you desperately want to, you can request my mailing address in the email ALLLL the way at down in the description (sorry for the traveling), make sure to read the disclaimer down there as well.
    No. These squishies are sent as donations to the series because they were damaged, and no longer wanted. Everyone has been informed in advance that squishies would not be returned. It would be waaay too complicated/expensive and massively time consuming to keep track of everyone and return each squishy. I'm just one person!
    I use fabric paint. Fabric paint is meant to stretch, so it is perfect for squishing! Any brand will work fine, but I mainly use Tulip. You can find it at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore, Walmart, Joann Fabrics, and Online.
    The matte fabric paint is more likely to crack after lots of squishing. Slick fabric paints never crack. But there are benefits to both. I usually mix the two paints together to get the best of both worlds.
    I would not recommend that. Acrylic paint will either make the squishy hard, or it will crack and flake off very easily.

    I wish I could! But these videos take me about 30-50 hours to film and edit. I spend multiple weeks working on them (in combination with my other videos) so it’s not really possible to do these any more than I am already doing without lowering the quality. PLUS! I want to keep up with my art and craft videos as well ☺

    Every Friday at 4:00pm ET: Alternating Squishy Makeovers, Thrift Makeovers, Craft Kit Reviews, Create This Book, Mail Openings and Miscellaneous crafts and DIYs





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    Intro Music by: SHIFTYPOP
    "Music: Love Light and Twinkles by JivingGerbil hufast.info/plan/vide/m63DirSXmpPaink

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      If one more person will dislike I will tell the policeman 😒

    3. Ishana Jamwal

      I honestly love it when you do squishy makeovers but it's not exactly art .... So instead of wasting time in this you could try new kinds of art which in my opinion is much more interesting Lol.....I wrote this like 2 min before you told us you will only be doing this once a month😂😂😂......but I totally agree

      1. Ishana Jamwal

        @Alivia Plum I mean yes it is art but I honestly like it more when she does something like painting on things or trying art trends ....

      2. Alivia Plum

        It is art, maybe not traditional art or what you consider art but it is still

    4. Arwyn Neufeld

      i have only watched 2 mins of this and im already giggling like crazy:)my mom and sis are staring at me

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      I always get anoyyed when she says to look at Instagram beacause I'm nine and I don't have instagram😫

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      You could have made the koala into Minnie Mouse

      1. Alivia Plum

        Not really tho cuz of the texture but still good idea

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      The intro is legit made for her. Her: “Hey it’s me”! And it is LITERALLY her bc ME=Moriah Elizabeth!

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      I think your a really pretty ballerina- Better than me lol- I fall in every performance and practice- But oh well!

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        It’s a joke, she’s mocking herself for falling on stage

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