Sorting My Squishy Collection. YIKES.

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    Hey Guys! Today I am organizing and sorting through my entire squishy collection. This is every squishy that has ever been sent to me. They are all used, broken, dirty and a little germy, BUT I still love them!! I can't believe I've been sent so many squishies to use in my squishy makeover series. seriously unreal.
    So this is kinda like a "clean with me" video and a "squishy collection" video all in one. Stick around till the end to see a full, up close tour of my squishy collection after sorting. It's kinda satisfying to see how many of each thing I have collected haha.
    -I know it's been quite some time since the last squishy makeover, sorry!! I am working on the next episode, it will be up next Friday! I hope you enjoy this video in the meantime. Thanks for your patience 😊

    -This was about 4-5 hours of sorting (not including the hour of set-up and the 2 hours it took to create the "tour" at the end). The editing was around 25 hours.

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