Re-Creating a Squishy in Real Life | Bake With ME #4

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    Hey Guys! Here's baking video in this weird, "bake with me" kind of series.....which also has somethiing to do with squishies...idk. I have no clue what I'm doing and we just laugh at my cluelessness together. I am not the best at baking, but I try and have fun. Try not to get triggered.
    I feel like i should be on the netflix show "nailed it" after this hahah....or at least one of those pinterest fail memes.
    This did not go perfectly, but I did try my best. This was definitely the most challenging squishy makeover that I have tried to bake so far. The baking of the actual cake wasn't hard, but the decoration was pretty intense. I've never used fondant in my life, so that was a struggle, also I have no idea how to make one of these drip cakes. I'm guessing it's not the way I did it 😂. ALSO, just the fact that there were so many different colors made the whole process very time consuming. I wish I could say it was worth it but...😆 WELL, if you enjoyed the video, then it was worth it ♥️.
    If you guys like this i will do more of course. Let me know specifically which squishy from my makeover series you would like to see me re-create next. if there's a popular request, I'll do it.

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    1. The shadow of a kitten !

      My sister got stung (by a bee) in the mouth... just so the random people who see this know.

    2. alimcg14868

      Omg I bake every week and that is very good looking and I know how to smooth out the pink use the Bakers blade

    3. Leah Carolan

      Twinkle toes

    4. S&S -

      Girl I would be so happy if that was my birthday cake LOL

    5. calmii_bubbles

      What I actually think Moriah: I love this! Me: cool cake! I wanna know how to do that! мє υѕιиg тнє fσит αgαιи... Hey twinkle toes :) That came from the show The Last Airbender

    6. calmii_bubbles

      Moriah:I hate this :( Me: HOW DID YOU DO THAT I WILL BE NEVER TO DO THAT :DDDDD ℓσνє тнє fσит?

    7. calmii_bubbles

      Nah I’m kidding but I love her channel

    8. calmii_bubbles

      Is moriah the best youtuber? Like=of course Dislike=no way

    9. Grainne Davey

      'De colores' is 'of colours' in English 😂

    10. Wolfpack Plazs

      Moriah is not a 5 star chef she is a 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 star chef

    11. Sangeetha Murugan


    12. DB Liu

      Moriah: ok I think I’m ganna put this in the freezer Me: no no it is ganna melt

    13. Lily Ann Peacock

      honestly i think i can bake better. haha just saying

    14. Mihran Gamerz

      Moriah : i draught each colour in the planet so let's first create pink colour Me: huh🤨🤭

      1. Mihran Gamerz

        Sorry I wrote draught instead of brought

    15. Raluca Maftei

      As long as its a cake ill eat it

    16. Kasiya Evans

      The cake was amazing better than some actual bakers

    17. Adriana Dychitan

      So good 😊

    18. Jarin Subah

      Reson #1 dont use honey :- You don't like shopping online Reson #2 dont use honey :- You are a kid Reson #3 dont use honey :- You don't have money to buy anything ( it can happen )

    19. Angela Chappell

      Did you know you have a goddess in your house.

    20. Ava Wilson

      Please spell correctly I hate when you say”wut”

    21. Christina Torres

      You should make a part 8 with your ice s’more but

    22. Penny Atkinson

      What do you mean Salmonella? Salmonella is a disease in raw chicken. LOL so what cake flavor are you talking about? Love you!

    23. Triston Noonan

      Tristan Noonan Hi 👋

      1. Triston Noonan

        Hi this is Tristan Noonan Hi

    24. Grimwolf35 GW35

      She should do a video with How To Cook That doing one of these type of videos

    25. Melissa Marsh

      I don’t know him and I watched a video

    26. Journey Fiack

      The cake looked depressed

    27. Natalie Line

      this is so weird I LOVE IT LOL LIKE IF YOU AGREE

    28. Baylee Scanlon

      👋. 👍🏻. 🥮. 🥳

    29. Parker Jayne

      me e e e e

    30. Gacha GardenWeed

      Am i the only one that could smell the plastic of the mixer and the cake mix?

    31. Ava Klingfus

      Maria should have special charms on her Murch store

    32. Karlee Clift

      You forgot red

    33. Rainbow Harts

      Crap on a stic ✍

    34. Rainbow Harts

      You did soooooooo god❤👌

    35. Hunden och katten _youtube

      I think that you can bake really good!

    36. Che Yo

      P paint a piggy banks

    37. Marquise Gaither

      Its not bad Moriah

    38. Fnafxgames

      You're so funny🐼😂

    39. mano sanciai

      I love how she said hi twinkle toes

    40. Harper Rosen

      Yes or no

    41. Harper Rosen


    42. Niamh the noob

      Hello.....

    43. Sophie Harrington

      If you lightly press it you can tell if it's done or not it should bounce back

    44. Ebtihal Alblushia

      7:00 really cute

    45. •Animal Fan•

      Me: I'm gonna make that LATER Me: Nevermind

    46. Catapult

      Guessing how shes going to do the rainbow. . .

    47. Catapult

      Lol she is now getting packages in every video XD

    48. Maggie Howard

      Who else is watching during covid and noticed how she just sneezes and doesent wash her hands before she starts😂 Ily👇

      1. Maggie Howard

        Im gonna make that cake

    49. Diego Rocho

      If u liv in america .do u liv in checopee or Clous to chicopee???

    50. Debbie Smith

      do not put it in the fridge

    51. pony tails


    52. Bianca Valdez

      I'm giving you A+

    53. Melissa Cruz

      That cake actually looks pretty and good!

    54. ???????

      At lest you tried :)

    55. Asthna Musthapa

      Did mei good at baking

    56. Calculux

      I love your cooking

    57. Lydia Strom

      i think she should

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        What ???

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      I have not been watching Moriah Elizabeth's content I miss it I am coming back everyone

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      That is so pretty you did amazing don’t worry

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      I hear the groans i hear the eye rolls - Moriah Elizabeth 2020

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    63. Nikey Gambler


    64. Obadiah Jackson

      Moriah: My favorite color is rainbow and my favorite flavor is rainbow

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      If you like Moriah like and if you don’t commit

    66. Cindy Martinez

      moriah> hi twincol tows what that is not a thing meh< the next step sesen 6

    67. Eyeless Ace

      I suggest when you are flooding the cake try using watered down royal icing

    68. elise maendel

      Twinkle Toes is my actual nick name (because of Aang)😂

    69. Olesea Diacon

      You have Funfetti box cake? Well, I have *Confetti* 😂

    70. Joan Shipps Nolan Treadway

      I love 💕 you and you are good at baking I love 💕 your baking

    71. Jim Franke

      Go on a baking game show you were not half bad to some things I have seen

    72. Hanna Reckmann

      Is anyone here also a kidz bop fan? Just me? Ok. But anyway the rainbow cake in Kidz bop UK "Walk Me Home" Looks a lot like Moriah's rainbow cake squishy. Just saying. Maybe the producers secretly love Moriah Elizibeth. Dun Dun Dun! Love your vids Moriah! I watch your videos just about every day!


      Mariah I’m ten and I think I’m better at making cakes than you!!! 😂😂😂

    74. Citlali Franco

      the first time i tried fondant i cried and spit it out 😂 i was like 5

    75. Amy Irving

      Moriah:its so messy me:its better then I would have done btw I love your videos Moriah peace

    76. Jess Mahoney

      dis is my moms profile

    77. Jess Mahoney

      Moriah,it must be a struggle being u,with all the baking and squishys and all the other things in ur life and im here 2 say...i wish u luck.(would u belive ima 3rd grader?)

    78. Adele Mansfield

      Who else thinks she did pretty good

    79. Pinaki Chakraborty

      I just laughed at the condition of the green fondant

      1. Pinaki Chakraborty


    80. StrxxBrryCloudBear

      I’m dying 😂😂😂💀💀💀

    81. StrxxBrryCloudBear

      Crap on a stick?! 😂😂😂

    82. StrxxBrryCloudBear

      When she threw the green fondant 😂 “oopthie”

    83. StrxxBrryCloudBear

      THERE’S AIR!! *beats it* FART!!!

    84. Kaycee Patton

      Stop picking on her she's amazing

    85. Kinako Mochi

      Hey moriah I think you should call us: Squshiy’s

    86. Elise Jessamyn

      I’ve really wanted to make a cool cake but my parents just don’t have the money and there’s covid and the’re divorcing

    87. Kiyo Oden Tyson


    88. Frances Melinn

      O M G This was literally so funny!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 My brother and I like watching your videos, and we have a good long laugh for each one, but this- We. Laughed. So. Hard!!!!!!!!!! Wow. Keep it up. 👍🏼

    89. Egg OwO

      The difference between icing and frosting is that frosting is thicker than icing. Frosting is also a lot ‘fluffier’ in a sense. Icing is smoother and more creamy. Icing is also for smaller baked goods. Icing is usually for cakes, cupcakes, etc. Your welcome! :) Also, fondant is like edible clay. So you are correct.

      1. Elise Jessamyn


      2. Egg OwO

        @Elise Jessamyn ??

      3. Elise Jessamyn


    90. Eli Borquez

      I would prefer making the Cake with a biscuit for each color instead of just painting it outside, I know is more job but in that way will look better Specially after cutting a slice, seeing the colors inside is amazing

    91. Arianna Griffith


    92. Arianna Griffith


    93. Arianna Griffith


    94. priyanka ranjan


    95. Molly's Vlogs

      oh honey you should have put the cake on the turn table, piped it, then used the bakers blade to flatten it.

      1. Molly's Vlogs

        but i love this channel im not trying to trash the channel

    96. Ummul Fatiha

      I am probebly say this is amazing

    97. Sofia Spangenberg

      moriah: who wants to eat the top? moriah: eats the top* me: I WANT IT GIVE IT TO ME NO DONT EAT IT

    98. Pravina Shetty

      3:54 😂😂😂😂

    99. Danielle McManis

      You are talented creative beautiful and smart and you can do anything you put your mind too