Re-Creating A Squishy in Real Life | Bake With ME #5

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    Hey guys! Today I am doing another "squishy bakeover" where I take one of my squishy creations from my squishy makeover series and attempt to bake and bring it to life. These are always such a cluster of fails and struggles since I obviously have no clue how to bake properly. But you guys ask for it, so here it is!
    Today I attempted to bake a"strawberry lemonade" swiss cake roll for the first time. It was a little tricky and has a lot of steps, but I managed okay for a beginner I think?
    And yes....I changed my intro. I am so nervous about it because I know you guys are used to the old one. But I really like the new one, I think it fits my current content style a little better. I hope you like it! This doesn't mean that anything big is changing right now, I am not ditching any of my current series, nothing like that. I just want to freshen up my branding a little bit.

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    1. Hanaa Abdelaal

      When moriahs 30 she’d finally look 25

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      Can you give us a full tour of your house

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    12. Natalie and Elise

      That looks delicious.

    13. HLC Surprises

      just saying (dont want t judge) but if you add a little purple to the batter, it should make itbetter! also i just got my pickle the dinosaur sweatshirt and i love it to death

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      At least we know it is possible to make it 😅

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    27. scarlett and cats

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    29. Brett Winston


    30. Midnight & Clara

      moriah maybe if you added the smallest amount of purple to da cake color or im color blind

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      Can't believe this was posted a year ago I was here when it first came out one of my favorite videos love you Mariah😜🌈❤

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      Moriah: "It's like the recipe makers do this on purpose. HA! I'll waste their time!" Me: looks Nearly gets BRAIN DAMMAGE from trying to laugh silently because it's like 2 am." Moriah: Creeps up from printer Me: JUMPS! Literally shakes my whole bed because I am forever traumatized of that because of you-know-what abou 2 years ago in May. 😳😱😱😱😱

    53. Katera Robertson

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    54. jamie lantz

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    57. Unique Prom

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    82. Deanna Ernst

      I love this!!! However just a tip please look up food coloring types and there are liqud colors for cake that will give you the color your looking for the one you are using is for icing witch is why its muting in your cake batter. Wilton is a really good baking site with how to videos and tips for the new and seasoned bakers a like. We love to bake and we love going overboard on the decorations. My mom and I watch your videos together and thing your great!!!!

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    85. Galaxy Wolf


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