Ranking EVERY Squishy Makeover of 2018 (From worst to BEST)

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    Hey Guys! Today is kind of my end of the year review, or look back at 2018 since this is the last video I will be posting before the new year! It's the youtube rewind of squishy makeovers lol
    I focused specifically on my squishy makeovers, since that has been my biggest series of 2018. I have done 13 of these and decorated/repaired/gave makeovers to 57 squishies total. So I decided to go one by one and order them from my least favorite to my most favorite.
    I took into consideration their looks, time/effort it took me and "sentimental value" or some nonsense like that. IDK. It's obviously a very sophisticated ranking system LOL
    These are just my personal opinions, let me know if you agree or where you would have ordered them differently!
    Next Friday is the next episode of Create This Book. FINALLY! Seeya then :)

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