Painting on Things in My Art Room

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    Hey guys! Today I am going to be painting on a couple of random things that I find in my art room. You guys have been telling me that you really enjoy videos where I am painting on a variety of different objects since it gives inspiration for different fun, painting and customization projects you can do at home. I think these 2 were super fun and easy DIY customization projects that anyone could do. Plus, I have been waiting for years for an opportunity to get around to finally decorating these items. Hope you like them!

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    1. It is what it is

      She said the word blob 39 times if anyone truly wondered from the blob box portion of the video

    2. Abeer And Family

      No i love it

    3. Leah Thompson

      I dare you Elizabeth to use gross green and dirty yellow to draw a girl on something

    4. Mads

      Anyone else want to see her paint an entire card set? (tablet is ok too!) It could be like a series and eventually she'll have a whole deck!! Copy so Moriah can see but try to be careful we don’t wanna force her! :)🌈

    5. Karime Castellanos

      The “blobs” should be a tv show

    6. Samantha Thompson

      Theres alot of "blob" in there

    7. Alfie Rees

      comment bomb. 101 blobs challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. yuvi s.a

      41 times... 41 times she said blobs

    9. Shelton Stateler

      I love blobs

    10. LEMON JUG

      I have an idea of what to do with the paint! Dump it all on a canvas and do some cool abstract background and u can draw something else over top! (Hopefully blobs)

    11. Ellie Heidkamp

      One of the blobs remind me of pickles cousin derp

    12. Bảo Trân Lê Danh

      I love u because u are so funny

    13. Gacha_Girl_Leila

      The blue blob cousin derp-

    14. tuaedits androblox

      Her whole house other than her art room:normal her art room:❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    15. Emma Martin

      OGODNO NOT 100

    16. Katherine Russell

      blue blob eating a cheeseburger was the unevolved version of Cousin Derp

    17. Zoe Rutzen

      That blue blob is definitely cousin derp

    18. Christine Jones

      anyone else thinks OG blob looks like cousin derp eating his burger. MIND BLOWN!!

    19. Kylie B

      Do pt 2 pls

    20. Venya Singh

      It love her blobs

    21. Ri Moore

      The baby blob reminds me of the I think it was a baby hamster squishy you made

    22. Ri Moore

      The blue blob with the burger reminds me of cousin derp

    23. Rebecca Woods

      🥰 I love it

    24. Susan Harmon

      My favorite color is gold! What's your favorite color?

    25. Ellen Driscoll

      I'm 7

    26. Ellen Driscoll

      I LOVE IT!

    27. Lainey Powers

      I love her vids

    28. Ara Sheridan

      the blue blob looks like cosin derp

    29. Jenny Williamson

      they kinda look like among us characters lol

    30. Giada Chirelli

      I love it so much

    31. Gracie Howell


    32. Gracie Howell

      I love it your a better drawer and painter than me lol

    33. Rozerin Yayan

      I love your videos

    34. Sandra Shulist

      I absolutely love it

    35. Sandra Shulist

      Pls pls pls do a one hundred blob challenge pls🥺🥺🥺

    36. big husk boss

      0:01 moriahs intro ❤️❤️

    37. Gemma :: Precision Gaskets

      I think the blue blob eating a burger reminds me of cousin derp?!

    38. Megan Quezada


    39. gabija bu

      Blob count : over 9000

    40. Hannah Good

      For anyone wondering she said blob 41 times

    41. Ava Alaban

      I watched Moriah videos everyday for hours she was just so entertaining 😜. Then l just randomly stopped for about a couple months 😞 , until l was bored and l noticed l missed out on heaps of videos 😮. So l started watching a half of a video and just got bored 😐 watching her. Then l came back a month later and watched like 5 minutes of a video 😧. THEN OF COURSE I GOT BORED 😑, then l forced myself to watch her. And now Moriah lm addicted to watching you again ...... So thanks I know u didn’t need to know that butttt sorry l felt the need to share 🥸

    42. Fairy Floss

      How Moriah described the box is how you describe her (colourful, full of different personalitys and more

    43. That little blobfish

      Anyone else notice the first blob. its literally cousin derp as a blob

    44. lol enzMetcalfe

      She said blob 6 times

    45. 燕程

      Wow u have lots of nails polish

    46. Royal Roblox

      I dare you to paint on the original Pickle the Dinosaur

    47. Jayne Fulker

      What about an axobloble?

    48. Todd Holbert

      Im 10 years old. Me as a 5 year old: i wanna meet moriah elizabeth for my birthday but honestly i still want to 😂😂🤣🤣

    49. Todd Holbert

      Can u paint a whole deck of cards?

    50. Thyraiya


    51. Todd Holbert

      I wanna go to moriah Elizabeth's art room 🤤😀its like everything I have ever wanted like all da art supplies i want them allllllll🤤🤤🤤

    52. Remembero Taco

      Me: I’ll just watch one more then I will go to bed Also me: up all night watching Moriah

    53. Akira-chan

      I feel like Moriah should do a "using art tools that I have barely or never used before" sorta thing-

    54. Kate Ann

      Hey Moriah, please find a new container to store your nail polishes. Pretty pretty please see ☺️ I think the blob community deserves a spot with the rest of your art works (in the background) 😊

    55. Christina Courson

      Blob Cake 🎂 Blob Berry 🍓... 💗💗💗💗💯

    56. Emma Grundy


    57. Emma Grundy

      No it’s not

    58. Emma Grundy

      How many times you said blobs about 13

    59. Morgan Squires

      moriah ur chart is cyan lol

    60. Farishta Sachwani

      She is so talented!

    61. JoEhofs

      I meant but when you put the gold it was a little bit better joking I think it's better each way

    62. JoEhofs

      I liked it but then I need to gold

    63. FFFoxxy

      Move in to a new at room

    64. Zoey Rahmanan

      I love the ideas they are so cute

    65. steven west

      She said blogs 30 times

    66. Zoey Rahmanan

      Reese Aaron For anyone wondering she said “blob” 41 times Lol

    67. Hashiem Croeser

      The blob looks like gumdrops

    68. Lenka

      try glass painting, you need thick paint for that

    69. Abigail Grobler

      who else thinks morhia has way toe much paint and brushes

    70. Faye Koulos

      One hundred blob challenge pls

    71. Unicorn Arya

      Reese Aron no she didn’t

      1. Unicorn Arya

        Oop im wrong I think

    72. Mickey Mouse

      Moriah: ughhhhh my room is like the boringesttttt Me : wth the , literally everything is rainbow 🌈 Also me , doesn’t care about my horribly boring room

    73. Teagen Hobson

      When Moriah said something of the holes I think she’s a germafo

    74. Venice Audre Albofera

      Can u pls paint something based on the bisexual flag 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    75. Venice Audre Albofera

      Can u pls paint something based on the bisexual flag 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    76. Venice Audre Albofera

      Can u pls paint something based on the bisexual flag 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

      1. Venice Audre Albofera

        Can u pls paint something based on the bisexual flag 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    77. Suzas Lifestyle

      Love ths

    78. sienna k

      With all your old paints just like a spatula or something and an easel, and throw bits of paint on it.

    79. sienna k

      You could buy old discs that are for record players. Or fake discs!

    80. Celeste WHITTLE

      the burger blob looks like cousin derp. Coincidence I think not!

    81. Joy Prestridge

      At 9:08 when Moriah says, “I’m pretty sure most of you aren’t gonna love it as much as I do.” I love it Moriah, it is very creative and it inspired me to start back art again. I considered quitting until my sister suggested to watch your videos because you do artsy and crafty stuff all the time. When I started to watch your videos I got inspired to start back art again and keep practicing! Thank you Moriah! Sincerely, Your sincere fan, Anonymous 💫🌈💕

    82. Joy Prestridge

      Anyone else besides me want Moriah to do a painting challenge... but there’s a twist! She can only paint with one color but she could use different shades of that color. Please copy and paste to get Moriah to see this! But also let’s be respectful so try to be careful and don’t spam too much! :) 🌈💫❤️💝💕


      Sorry Moriah but we just HAD to tell you how many times you said "blob" 42 times (srry Moriah ;( )

    84. Tortilla Chicken

      it would be so cool if you did glass paintings

    85. Kayla Kuffel

      You said blob 41 times

    86. Dennis Fee

      Pls do more create this book

    87. Sofia Perna

      The blue blob with the burger reminds me of cousin derp, and the baby with the binky reminds me of the baby binky plush and squishy :D

    88. J Sm

      You can paint a lot of paintings with your old paints!😀🌈

    89. Megan Kylander

      30 Keer dit gese'

    90. Wesley Mcree

      1 remind me of pickle Angel storable when did you start making pickle?

    91. Wesley Mcree

      Yusei blobs about a thousand times okay stop making blogs. Geez girl signed

      1. Wesley Mcree

        I know right that's me to something. That's like that

    92. Wesley Mcree

      6 and that's my story story

    93. Wesley Mcree

      It's apparently I was watching it but English 1 one of these videos Texas videos and I was completely out of my mind I did not know there was an English one so I had a like I saw an arrow I'm like what is that Arrow do so I clicked it and it went back to the language I speak it's weird

    94. Keira Kennedy

      Make 100 blobs in 24 hours

    95. Tati Vlogs

      So we not gonna talk about how the blob is pickles cousin in blob form?

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      do a one hondred blob project

    97. Sparkle Kitten

      You’re treating the box like a shy puppy

    98. Grace Demattei

      You: I could easily do a 100 blobs Me: oh then you should do that challenge

    99. *[ Rys Playz ]*

      Am I the only one trying to hunt for the markers she uses because like everyone uses them lol :-:

    100. AvA ArtS

      Can you do a vidoe with 100 ''blobs'' please?🤣