Painting on Seashells

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    Hey Guys! today I am doing a highly requested video of painting on seashells. I've been seeing these requests pop up a lot since I decorated seashells last summer for the first time. I guess we are doing this every summer then? 😂
    Here is last year's video:
    This is a really fun and easy summer art project. It can also be really relaxing and perfect for anyone looking for a way to try art therapy. Decorating shells is so calming and therapeutic, especially if you dod the dots and patterns sort of style. Posca paint pens are perfect for that by the way!

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    1. Debbie Smith

      why did that posca have to be in that position

    2. Zoe Howard

      moriah: i like to paint/draw me: DRAINT YOU MEAN DRAINT mom: HUNNY DID YOU GIVE OUR CHILD YOUR ATTATOOD? dad: Iim sorry WAT me: pfftttt mom: give me yor LAPTOP young lady me: uhhh DADS FUNNY mom: oh then keep your laptop dad: SIRLISLEE me: haha DANG IT I MISED MEH VIDEO

    3. Nancy Corley

      Wow the sea themed seashell was 🙀👍🏻

    4. Natalie Herman

      Lol the minute she started to Make the pepperoni 🍕 shell I was eating pepperoni 🍕

      1. Natalie Herman

        It’s so funny


      And now I’d like to talk about our sponsor shell gas station

    6. Nancy Corley

      The rainbow 🌈 seashell was my honest favorite

    7. Nancy Corley

      The seashell you used for the thumbnail after its background looked like a sunset 🌅

    8. Jonathan Chipol-Gonzalez


    9. Zoya Syed


    10. Addy Grace

      i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove cheese pizza

    11. Anthony Shaw

      Georgie was rborn on the same day as my kid that Watch you Love You So much My son Is 11and He looks Up to You zhc.

    12. Sooty Cuteness

      They look so good !!!

    13. Burçak Beren


    14. Liliana Rodriguez

      Who else thinks she is the GOD at painting stuff like the GOD 👑

    15. Lexi Hill

      Hay im your biggest FAN

    16. PeanutError

      Imagine decades later at human evolution, humans would be so confused when they find where had Moriah lived at.

    17. Crafting With Ally

      Strawberries are red Moriah

    18. QDCAT 2000

      I'm Not Hating But Next Time You Have A Conch Shell Can You Paint It Ocean Theam Like A Narwhale Or An Ocean Scean Please

    19. ·artix wolfixe·

      CuZiN DeRp Is BaCk

    20. Lani B L

      Moriah I have a giant conch shell ( bigger than the one you painted) and I have had it for a long time and this makes me want to paint it! Also moriah I think you should paint a costume cutie as the dalmatian in a dragon fruit. I know you have already done a paint palate with the design, but I think that it would be amazing if the costume was a dragon fruit and the cutie was a dalmatian. Just saying.

    21. Muhammad Abdullah

      Did you know that she always says hey it’s me and Moriah Elizabeth starts for me

    22. Shxnyxstar

      Glaze or gloss?

    23. Alma

      L- umm... Georgie's hand was a bit weird, he's holding the popsicle with his face in the front BUT, his hand was on the back so umm... do u understand? Hopefully u do

    24. hi

      I love hair wishing

    25. Felisha Wilson

      Wow they're so pretty

    26. Hailee Hart

      I thought nothing could be good after seeing the ice cream cone buetifulness but........ I was wrong fo 17 minutes and 35 seconds

    27. S Rakowsky

      I love 🐚 shel’s

    28. Aryana Hall

      did anyone else see she put a MEME and in the MEME she is wearing a gEoRgiE shirt and then she paints gEoRgiE on the shell ps I LOVE HER.

    29. Delilah Lloyd

      I wanna see it next summer

    30. Rylie Ploughman

      everyone weird

    31. Keira Baines

      It's nearly George's birthday

    32. Paisley Hundzsa

      I was born on Nov. 29th same as Georgie.

    33. Francis Greenawalt

      2 months after watching it!!

    34. Alastor But with a gun

      are we not going to talk about the cliche seashell one?? IT HAD THE BI FLAG

    35. danny pentin

      If I was a seashell she is painting on I would NEVER enjoy my life

    36. Muhubo Adow

      I love it when I don't have any friends anymore 😢😭

    37. Muhubo Adow

      I love ❣️ ir

    38. ravin Avynn

      Me and jorjey are born on the same day and month

    39. Samiya Montalvo

      aww i wish she posts more often but get how long it takes to edit and everything

    40. Sweet_Yellow_ Demon

      Her : so it’s summer Me : *looks when it was made* *it saying July* Me : BITCH WTF IT’S WINTER

      1. Alastor But with a gun

        july.. is summer?

    41. Delaney Cech

      I relate to cousin derp on a spiritual level.

    42. Muthu sundaram Thirupathy

      Hi thats named sangu

    43. Carol Zhen

      “Look at this ShInE” Everyone: pov “Isn’t all of them shiny?” ;w;

    44. Eva Meesters

      Moriah: "wAterMelon sUgaR...." her squishie's: "....hi :)"

    45. Cindy Macdiarmid

      Who thinks Georgy is cute I think he is

    46. Gianna Kawamoto

      Moriah: (paints an amazing drawing) Me:( can’t even make a line)

    47. Alandis Hosley

      gorgie-imma eat my popsicle cousin dirp-why u holding MY POPSICLE GIVE IT BACK AHHHHHHH

    48. Alandis Hosley

      u wore your merch agian hah lol

    49. Jami Ozee

      Can you please make a video where you paint pumpkins.

      1. Alastor But with a gun

        maybe comment this in a newer video, it's a really good idea! (:

    50. Skye's World

      Yes cheese 🧀 pizza

    51. stiphen tipu


    52. Christian Lycked

      The ice-creams popsicle thing is supposed to be red! RED! I said RED!

    53. Ella Memoli

      OMG i have the same birthday as gEoRgIE

    54. gacha chocolatesisi

      I like cheese pizza :) also im getting the pens that you use!

    55. Shayda L.

      You should do the dragon fruit and the dog idea with your other nesting dolls!

    56. shalom bible

      You lose your sense of Haitian

    57. gacha rose

      I want those things RIGHT NOW

    58. {• Pånða •}


    59. Roise Slavin

      ive been here for 5 years and i also haven't seen moriah paint on a normal canvas EVER:) :) :) :) :) :)

    60. Emma Coleman

      She should do "Painting my seashell box" I feel like it would be really fun to watch and create 🌈

    61. Jhaymie Perez

      omg i love et ❤❤❤❤

    62. Kerry Mead

      Idea:Paint a rock like a peacock and name it pea-rock!

    63. Jo Abbott

      I've been here for 6 years

    64. KNOT onceUbeenblack

      I dear you to take a brake from rainbow for a month.

    65. No 1 cares who the heck I am I'm sad

      I never want you to stop painting rainbows thank you very much! You're so good at it!!!

    66. Noemie Garcia


    67. Logan Shaw

      that green shell looks like a watermelon if you paint the inside.

    68. good night

      I am 9, year old and I love your channel

    69. Huda Sardar

      She’s 25?! I thought she was 15-18 or something

    70. OMG Dinna

      Puppy is the best

    71. Anna McParlan

      ilove it

    72. SxnnyBloxyy


    73. Moon Kitty

      This has given me lots of insperation since I have a load of shells just knocking around XD

    74. Elodie Kuhn

      Can you do another create this book 2

    75. Some Random Kid

      My fav one is the one she threw together so she didnt waste paint ngl

    76. Missladybug walker

      Does anyone just imagine falling sprinkles when she plays the song

    77. Amber Personal

      Omg I got your merch


      I love the IceCream!!!!!!

    79. Blackout Queen990

      My favorite is the ice cream

    80. claraX

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    81. Lindsay Bruin

      That's adorable everything that you think is looks terrible it's actually adorable

    82. Steve Mayer

      She should do a collaboration with ZHC

    83. Ken Browne

      Hi how watched moriah from the start

    84. Cheyenne Ludwin

      Mariah I love it I love the dragon fruit shell Mariah I think I've been here for 3 years on your video I love you


      i love how she says grandma to gema

    86. Infiresman

      Ho is watching this in 2020 anyone cuz I hate it

    87. Emma Hayes

      when are you having chilgren


      You still need to do another annual

    89. Emily Foster

      Just the way she said “some people call it plain. But I call it pure” made me laugh 😆 the next time I order a cheese, I’ll be ordering it pure

    90. Blood Wolfs

      Is it just me or did anybody see the little Posca Yellow dot :''''( soo sad 12:24

    91. Michael Jimenez

      You should make this a shirt :not sponsored just obsessed

    92. Spidey TV The Avengers Tower

      I was born November 12 2011Wait let me do math I'm also 8 so Georgie is 6 years old Cool😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

      1. Lavender_queen _rblx

        Georgie was born in 2019 so he’s almost one not 6 (not trying to be rude)

    93. B Compton

      you are my favorite

    94. B Compton


    95. johann gallyot

      I love you so much ☺️

    96. L Zimt

      | | | |

    97. Ioan Udrea

      Moriah: fully flowerd Me: thats not Im back with the meme coments

    98. Vivienne Appleton

      i cant eat other pizza than plane