Moving In | Setting up My New Filming Room

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    Yes. Yes. YES. This is another moving video. I'm sorry. It has been quite hectic around here and just too short on time for a "normal" video, SORRRRRYYYY. BUT, next week I am going to be back to normal, with a brand new squishy makeover. Hopefully that will make up for all this hahaha.
    ANYWAY. I decided to spend this video trying to get my new filming "room" (actually just one wall of the room LOL) set up and ready to use. I think I got a decentiishhhh amount done, although this literally took me all day. I had 7 hours of incredibly boring footage to sift through haha.
    To be honest though, I quite enjoy making these more casual videos. I maaaay do some more in the future if you guys don't mind....but of course, I'll catch up on other videos first haha.
    My favorite part of this room is the art you guys made for me...LOL
    If you want to send me art for my wall, send it here:
    Please try to keep the somewhat relevant to me, my channel, or my videos....although I may accept ONE toad drawing...if it's good LOL.
    BTW. Here's the couch:
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    1. Jana Taha

      Moriah is the only person that can make building a couch look like fun ☟︎ who’s with me?

    2. bubel corns enventers

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    3. General Bookiness

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    4. nishakorde

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    5. Michelle Miller

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      I would skip every intro besides this one

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    22. Lamija Miljković

      Moriah :When I be in online shoping i pick tacky blue coach. Evryvone:😲 Me:Same me too 😅😅 Also i m your big fan

    23. Shiann Martinmaas

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    24. ItsKitty

      “I wouldn’t want you to miss this, this is quality entertainment right here.” lol not really but with Moriah’s editing yasssssss

    25. laundry sauce

      Moriah: Struggling to take out the couch out the box Jordan, probably: watches

    26. Princess Foxy

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    27. Taher Moataz

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      This was SO entertaining she is seriously the only person that could make putting a couch together entertaining!!!

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