Me. Painting on Things #2

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    Hey guys! So today’s video is another video of me just painting on things. literally. just. tHiNgS. I have done this once before and you guys seemed to like it. I basically just do this when I feel overwhelmed with ideas and just want to pick out some random items to customize as I feel inspired. Just like last time, I gave myself a bunch of options for different art activities to do including painting squishies, making custom pencil pouches, painting on tote bags, decorating seashells, rock painting, custom painting vans, my sketchbook, creating a digital painting (procreate art) decorating outlet covers, painting on random objects I've collected like vases, wooden craft items etc. Most of these I’ve done at some point on my channel. Some of them have become my kinda go-to, and some of them I hadn’t done in quite a while.
    Hopefully it can give you some fun ideas for things to customize. All of these are cheap things that make for super fun painting projects.

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    1. Galactic Kitten

      Yay! Moriah thinks my eyes are cool! One is green and the other is brown.

    2. Kristi Fleischman

      do the cullina

    3. Sophia Adams

      GeOrgiE yes! Good idea!!!

    4. MeemSickle :p

      ok everyone's talking about the "I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good/I solemnly swear I'll do something different next week" thing and I'm over here like: HOW DID YOU DO THAT ON PROCREATE EXCUSE ME I CAN'T EVEN DRAW A GOOD... ANYTHING ON PROCREATE *actually now that I think about it Moriah was using an apple pencil and I'm just using my finger... plus she's a better artist XD STILL*

    5. Karolina Rutkowska

      in my opinion this vase is REALLY PRETTY!

    6. Evelyn Seivers

      I’ve got another app for coloring and doing that, MediBang

    7. sky

      Can I Have That Star Please

    8. butter bum

      The star looks like intragam

    9. mochi

      She messed up with the star

    10. The Legendary MonkeyDragon

      Moriah: It’s to the point where I some what like it. Me: (Thinks of “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman)

    11. anjelika atkins

      panitt a verryyyyyy ollldddddd somthing

    12. Reese Richmond

      nobody: moriah: *cannot stop playing the 'do it right' song, when in every other video she has no reason to play it*

    13. Reese Richmond

      this... smol- star..? uhh... what is all this stuff..?

    14. joyce

      Is she using an iPad?

    15. Ember of the Woods

      I actually really love the vase!

    16. meymey styles

      I loveee the bunnnnnnnnyyyyyy and all of the other stuff AHHHHHHHHH

    17. Suzanne Dirringer

      Moriah: so I’m gonna paint a sky on the top for this one “paints a rainbow”

    18. Ihsan Khamari

      You should paint your ipad case

    19. AS vines

      Sea scape 😂❤️

    20. Lily Gray

      The ocean design was maybe too busy? I like the sky and sand, but the middle is a lot

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    22. Isabelle Fenwick


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      why does she think she is the only person who loves rainbow i probably love it more than her.

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      Mariah should have done a galaxy on the star because you know stars kind of are in the galaxy

    25. Sparkle Kitten


    26. Scarlett Murphy

      I love seeing u do digital art

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      You need to paint on rubber duckiesssss

    28. Dakota Williams

      Moriah Is My Favorite HUfastr Because She Is So Funny I Wuv U MORIAH

    29. CarolPrincess09

      Moriah: **flips the whole canvases** Me: there’s this thing called *MIRROR DRAWING GUIDE*

    30. Avery Sortor

      Petition for Moriah to do a rubber ducky series, if you want to:)

    31. Emii_Tokyo uTェTu

      OGs remember her strawberry and lemon roll squishy 🐻

    32. Rosilyn Jeffries

      Anyone wanna play never have I ever?

    33. Devils Hawthorne

      from 7:56 it looks like little fish underwater then she adds white and its like they are swimming near the surface Btw love you Moriah she should do pillow cases next like if agree ❤🤯😈🎨

    34. sara kish

      You made this video a day after my birthday

    35. Hønëy_Lëmøn

      Anyone else wants to see her paint an entire card set? It could be like a series and eventually she'll have a whole deck!! Copy so Moriah can see but try to be careful we don't wanna force her! :) 🌈 (NAH LETS "FORCE" HER)

    36. Veronica Osorio

      I love the vase.❤️ I think it looks beautiful.

    37. Jacqueline Dumont-Vandenhoff

      when she painted the star ''blendy rainbow minus GREEN'' Me: why minus green, that's my favourite colour

      1. Rosilyn Jeffries

        I looks better without the green But she made green with the next thing

    38. Kk Gamer girl

      I swear you paint so many things you are gonna paint yourself one day

    39. Olivia Sousa

      Paint on a random wall with slime

    40. NanLand

      I don’t really care if you don’t or do want to do rainbows anything is fine with me cause I love rainbow

    41. Madison Niki

      Idk why but i felt like that star looked so proud spinning on that turning table

    42. TEE JI HEE Moe

      The flower pot needs some shells for the sea

    43. C Dav

      Moriah, I am now fascinated in digital art. But without the fancy ipad and pen

    44. ItzAllison

      The little sundae bear looks likes the strawberry lemon cake roll!

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      I just noticed Moriah is left-handed 😭💀🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

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      Moriah you are the best person in creativity

    47. Manasvi Jain

      Hi Can u pls send the link of the digital screen from where you have from

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      Am I the only guy on here because I feel alone 😆

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      Hi Moriah! I’m trying to send you a trash piece of a water bottle, but I can’t send it because I don’t know how to send it to you. If you see this or anyone else that reads this, please let me know how to send it because it needs a fixing 😂 Edit: a MAJOR fixing

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      I love you art&your humor!!

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      WARNING : ~NOT~ my comment ( GeOrGiE is og creator ) It would be cool if she painted a wall with a mural of all her characters! It is true

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      I love the colors you used on the star:)

    63. The World of Art

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      I LOVE watching moriah doing digital art I really want her to do MORE!!

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      That would be cool

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      Hey moriah can you paint a ipad case for your ipad that would be really cool

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      I couldn’t stop singing just do it right during school today 🤣🤣🤣

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      honestly Moriah you always make my day when im sad your so funny and nice ily


      Oriana u are my favorite. Please reply me

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