Locked in My Art Room for 24 Hours

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    Hey Guys! Today I'm doing a fun(?) little experiment. Locking myself in my art/craft room for 24 hours. Now, I realize that this is NOT that intense LOL. I had a lot of space to work with, food, an air mattress.....it was a pretty cushy set up. BUT the point of this wasn't really to be super intense or crazy, i really just wanted to see how much stuff I could make, being trapped in a room full of art and craft supplies, in 24 hours. Ummmmmmm. It didn't exaclty go according to plan. I know I was SUPER tired in the video especially toward the end. SORRY!!!! i hope you guys will still be entertained by it 😊
    This is the kind of lame version of the 24 hour challenge 😂
    If you like this, maybe I can do it again. BUT I'll step it up a notch. Maybe i'll actually keep to just one room. Not allow outside food. ban myself from the internet. Sleep on the floor. IDK, there are many things I could deprive myself of 😂
    I did get some fun little projects done. I tested a couple small craft kits. DIY squishy kits (decorate me squeezables and smushy mushy decorate your own squishy kit). PLUS a kit from 5 below with those little squishy, mochi, rubbery things. ALSO, I did get it together and finish a colored pencil drawing in my sketchbook for you guys at the end. I hope you cats and cupcakes!
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    1. Yvette Moralez

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