I Re-Created A Squishy | Bake With ME #3

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    Hey Guys! Here's a new "episode" of this new series. Previously, I was calling it squishy bakeovers......but since this video doesn't technically have baking in it, I decided to give it a different name. IDK. I'm always struggling what to call these haha.
    ANYWAY. It's another fun(?) kind of "bake with me" type of videos. Where I have no clue what I'm doing and we just laugh at my cluelessness together. I am not the best at baking, but I try and have fun. Try not to get triggered.
    This time I made (not sure if it's baking if you don' use an oven lol) my dessert taco squishy.
    If you guys like this i will do more of course. Let me know specifically which squishy from my makeover series you would like to see me re-create next. if there's a popular request, I'll do it.
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    1. violet blue

      Chefs recommend the hand technique for the egg separation You can use the water bottle one tho it's easier but still you don't have to use the bottle and you are not supposed not do it with your hands

    2. Camilla Langley

      Moriah:"rockabye baby in the treetops!!" me: what the heck is she doing?!

    3. Sofia Spangenberg

      you had to add water to the chocolate to melt it

    4. Aimee Meredith

      This is how many people would my Morias food if she would open a restaurant 👇🏻

    5. Catgirl Gamer

      Make pickle as a cake!

    6. Joe Gonzales


    7. Karishma Sharma

      i love your baking viodes

    8. The LPS sisters Lps

      It’s funny how so related to her

    9. Ellie Brewster

      She should’ve used a paint brush for the chocolate I think it would’ve worked better

      1. Ellie Brewster

        Also I’m not talking about on the ice cream I’m talking about on the cone. LOL!

    10. Amna Riaz

      Is it just me or everyone laughed when she said BANILLA

    11. Charlotte Childs

      Mariah is better cook then me 😢😂

    12. Astrid Villanueva

      **Jordan in a interview** Interviewer: What about your wife? Jordan: *My wife is obsessed with sprinkles and rainbows and really serious about it* Interviewer: ......

    13. jess4774 jess4774

      Petition to bring back the Sprinkle Song 👇

    14. The Pineapple Penguin Sisters

      Moriah: I know there are multiple sprinkle colors! Me: Don't judge her about her sprinkles! She's the sprinkle queen!

    15. The Robinsons

      i think this was the most simple one ever

    16. Sasha Kaye

      It sounds like Moriah is out of breath at 9:45

    17. mill's and Poe edits

      I always watch Moriah videos over and Over and I don't get board

    18. Dragos Ionut Bratosin

      bake something.....RANBOW!!!!! O_O PLS!!!!!!!!

    19. Curtis Nielsen

      it looks so good it makes me want get in there and take it to eat it

    20. Molly Redell

      I would like you to make a 🍩

    21. senam

      Seriously though this is the best one u ever did cuz u didn't do nothing wrong it's perfect

    22. Corina Snyder

      You can just add white Sprinkles

    23. GreatArianna B

      When her cat came out she was like is she baking again oh no I better get out of here quickly before she burn the house

    24. Kitty Unicat

      Moriah: hot butter Me: okay I’m okay with that

    25. Life With Callie

      something about the hairstyle and the khakis makes her look like a nature camp counselor or something like that

    26. {world of magic}

      👁 👄

      1. {world of magic}

        Love that face

    27. Luna Irene

      I don’t know if you end up trying it at the end but I think that you should record you trying it and maybe eating maybe half of it for the whole thing but I just want to say that I will be playing tonight entertaining for me and I don’t know if it will be for a list of people self

    28. Nanook the Doggo

      Now. Sprinkles. Chocolate. Waffles.

    29. Naomi Hood

      my sushi place is called koji

    30. Nina Is Here

      The chocolate needs to be microwaved for 3min, just so you know

    31. Anja van Staden

      At 14:21 you can see Opie on the counter

    32. Mira

      I feel like America is soooooooooooo cheap 😳😳🧐here just wow you can't live here

    33. Sean S

      much not mutch

    34. Abdullah Emhemed

      Other people: writing great and funny comments Me: uuhhh what should write about and don't suppose I'm a boy bc I am not its just the user

    35. Fernando Tan

      moriah please just please make a new video im just askking okay but im just i dont know just please make a new video

      1. Fernando Tan

        i dont know why but please make a new video

    36. Dog Lover

      You should call them squishy bakeovers

    37. Jillian weaver

      1:25 rona

    38. Chloe Faulkner

      “those are a little past ripe” those were UNripe 😂

    39. Joshua Gomez


    40. Amy Tarango

      I’m playing 4:30 again and again and 4:40 😂😂😂😂😂

    41. Snagga Saurus

      3:10 It means to use electric beaters

    42. Haymi Abdi

      Does bake with me stand for bake with Moriah elizebeth???

    43. Nasir ali

      I love her singing she sounds beautiful ❤❤😍😍🥰🥰👍👍

    44. Arlene Felton

      MORIAH!!!! YOU FORGOT THE SPRINKLE SONG!!!!!! (besides when you were putting the sprinkles into the cup) you could have also had a thing of rainbow sprinkles and put white sprinkles into it

    45. Arlene Felton

      the soulless whatever it is shirt

    46. Sparkle Flames

      who noticed the whipped cream practices on the table at 13:14? just me? ok.

    47. Jaylin vlogs

      do a dount one

    48. Fat Potato

      to moriah :3 idc how you do the eggs. your funny and aMaZiNg and as soon as i got a yt acc i subbed. as soon as schools out in Friday i get on youtube and waIt for your vid to come out. i know i’m a FEw months late but mmmM girl your a star ✨🥺😌

    49. Nan The Hobbit

      Corona ViRuS

    50. bharati dharane

      Who else is watching this in 2020 covid 19

    51. Kaydence Beecher

      moriah: sneezes no one: me: bless you

    52. DiellaDino's Vlog

      When you’re having a really bad day like I was Turn on Moriah’s videos and they will always make you smile. Love you Moriah! 😁🥰

    53. senam

      I would love to try this but I'm worried I'll get brain freeze it takes me around 5-10mins to finish an ice lolly. Seriously,☺️

    54. Daniella Mozolevskaya

      Get a hover board

    55. Heather Knirk

      I’m sick today

    56. Jacqueline Torres

      Eric the first one reason the app crashes when

    57. Genesis Parra

      Make an ice cream cola 🐨🐨🐨👉👇👍

    58. Elyssa


    59. Sayde Slagle

      you need to do one of these soon please i love them!!🤩❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💕💕

    60. MiaRxses

      Her cat is trying to sneak in the pantry and Morah doesn't even notice XD

    61. Sarah Anne Abraham

      Mariah: I’m not making any more batter Shirt: Follow your dreams Me: I guess making this isn’t her dream

    62. Ishana Dudi

      This is the only desert that Moriah made and I would lowkey actually eat. 🤤🤤

    63. Kamakshi Singh

      Please make your ice-cream sundae squshy

    64. Luna Mero

      Moriah: it is to melt the chocolate Me: I rather eat it

    65. •TheTheatreNugget •

      Okay, Moriah, so there are many ways to separate eggs. Using your hands, while gross, prevents breaking the egg yolk, using the shells comes with more risk of breaking the yolk. Idk what happens when you use a water bottle cause I’ve never tried it. Hope this helps!

    66. Luke Wynne

      Moraih Elizabeth coughs..... 2020 AHHHHHHHHHH

    67. Cadence P

      Moriah, I'm your biggest fan🥺. I would LOVE it if you gave me the recipe for that. it would totally make my day. I love baking and I want to try that. 🥺🥺❤❤❤💕

    68. Sameth Fridge

      why u have pringles in a bag?? not a hate comment just they are normally there in a can

    69. D Cook

      I like that she thinks she’s bad but she’s better than me and DO NOT BUT THE SILVER THING ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE PIPING BAG

    70. Mark Bennett

      Moriah is good at singing

    71. Honor Tam

      *sigh* her old intro is so soothing But her new one though👌

    72. Olesea Diacon

      4:12 WOW This is getting THICK. Me: Well yeah, flour making everything THICK! Like you

    73. Lavanna Hazel

      It look’s soooooo yummy to eat

    74. Chicken Wing ;3

      Honestly I'd eat all the chocolate before making it bc I can't control myself

    75. HannahInJapana

      What was the hand movements when you knocked down the pot instead of picking it up you just did jazz hands! LoL 😂🤣😂🤣

    76. John Athan Miranda Diaz

      I thought Donuts were dessert- and Ice cream and Donuts are food- [insert conspiracy music]

    77. Savannah Hoffmann

      I have a video idea that u think would be pretty cool...... I think it would be cool if you painting a wall that's in your art room. I just thought of this bc I saw a video that you where hanging things in your art room so I thought why not PAINT A WALL Instead of decorating it with painted items btw love you! :D

    78. Chanceogal 1810

      ParashockX outro be like

    79. Raining StopMotions

      The thumbnail made me hungry-

    80. Lipo

      Moooooore ppllzz

    81. momal's channel

      I don't like to cook with you

    82. LOLa Gacha!

      This is how many people who think Moriah has a great singing voice |

    83. Alyssa Avalos

      u should do one of the kits that mini bakeshop clay kit do one from the book plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    84. Sophie Sindicich

      Make an estance cake by making the cake his colors and splitting a Ice cream cone on it

      1. Sophie Sindicich

        *splatting *Eustase

    85. pickle the dinosour and GeOrGiE


    86. Rhodyredheads 101

      THIS WAS 1 YEAR AGO?!??

      1. Rhodyredheads 101


      2. pickle the dinosour and GeOrGiE

        it feels like its been 1 day sis I feel you

    87. Lakshmi Prasad

      0:32 foood...fooohooodd🤣🤣🤣really an awesome feel while hearing that..😂

    88. Trudy Ragsdale

      I can realate to how moriah feels about people telling me what i was supposed to do that it’s sooooo annoying

    89. Katie Martin

      Moriah: I’m so bad at baking Me: can’t even bake toast

    90. Another_gachatuber

      ᔕᑌᗷᗷIᑎG TO ᗩᑎYOᑎE ᗯᕼO ᒪIKEᔕ TᕼIᔕ ᑕOᗰᗰEᑎT👈❤️🔥🎉 I’ᗰ ᖴᗩᔕT💞 ᔕᑌᗷᗷIᑎG TO ᗩᑎYOᑎE ᗯᕼO ᒪIKEᔕ TᕼIᔕ ᑕOᗰᗰEᑎT👈❤️🔥🎉 I’

    91. Brisa Meneses

      Today is my b day😆😄😃😀😄

    92. sravs31

      your baking isnt that bad

    93. Aahana Sardesai

      What does banilla mean? A) a banana B)vanilla

    94. Hidayatul Sykirh

      "Hey its me (creepy smile)" New viewers of moriah channel : *BEEP*

    95. Emma Barron

      I ❤️ tacos!!!!!!!!

    96. Shai Alufer

      Claire from Bon Appétit made Choco Tacos a few months ago she should have watched your video to cut all the mistakes she made at the beginning 😂

    97. Lauren Sherwin

      Like a choco taco!!

    98. Baton twirling!!!

      Recreate an animal

    99. Eva H

      Moriah elizabeth: how many of these actually sell like how many people buy a waffle cone maker on a regular basis Me in 2020: there probably all sold out now Edited: thank you to the first person to like my comment

    100. Scarlett Hansen