I Painted an Entire Outfit (Pt. 1)

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    Hey guys! Today I am going to paint an entire outfit!! I've painted on shoes, painted a jean jacket, painted on shirts on separate occasions, but today I am going to paint a FULL outfit at once to create a completely custom outfit. I have had so much fun in the past painting on that denim jacket and customizing my shoes, I was really excited to painting on my clothes. This was a super fun customization project.
    If you've never tried painting on clothes you should! There's some tiktok painting on clothes videos if you need more inspiration. It's a great ay to up cycle old clothes, or just have fun decorating things. Greaat art project idea for when you're bored at home.
    I am using fabric paint and leather paint on all of these items. These paints are flexible so that paint doesn't crack when you wear the clothes.
    If you stuck around to the end, you will already know that I am going to have to save the jean jacket for next week. I thought I would be able to paint the entire outfit in one video, but it turned out to be much more time consuming of an art project than I thought. I didn't want to rush through the jean jacket, since I have a really cool plan for it. I hope you don't mind waiting for part 2, and I hope to see you here next week 😃
    WATCH PART 2 HERE: hufast.info/plan/vide/fm3Ijp5_1WfRZWQ
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    1. Magical Me

      She forgot red on the shoes but it turned out beautiful

    2. Gianna Chan


    3. Christelle Tavarez

      Good morning Moriah Good afternoon Moriah Good evening Moriah Yes i said it 3 times Whats the problem?! Okay soooo...... 8:28 The question was "does anyone take proper care of there painbrushes?" I do I use them Wash them Dry them Put it in my pink drawer And use it Im sure you will not see this comment but i will love if the clothes are a real merch *I will totally buy them!*

    4. Tia Corn

      Moriah: does anyone know how to take care of their paint brush? Me: oh I know! My older sis! Still me: finds out Mariah doesn’t talk to random people Still meee: *also finds out my sis doesn’t paint anymore and only plays among us* Me: o-o oops I was stupid

    5. Eva Szymanska Lela

      Wow that was cool


      I will say I do like "pastel red" But I do agree that the real "pastel red" Is pink!

    7. hønny bee

      You should pant earrings

    8. Hailee Hart

      I love all of the clothing but I think the shoes are my favorite

    9. Amy Mitchell

      You where like “am I missing a color on the rainbow in the shoes”... me do be like yes you forgot indigo

    10. Josell Arvizu

      Plss next time put red

      1. Tehreem Sultan

        Ikr! it's so disturbing for me

    11. Josell Arvizu

      You forgot red am so mad at you just kidding but learne more about rainbows

    12. Sarah Mcclary

      Do you have .a dog

    13. Adelaide Franklin

      Moriah can you make more videos a week not to be mean

    14. Adelaide Franklin

      rainbows are so good I love them to Moriah I want to color my room rainbow

    15. Midnight & Clara

      who thinks IT would be an honor to be her camera person

    16. doglover555

      Every time she doesn’t know what to do she starts with pink examples: paper holder, shoes

    17. Veronica Jimenez

      love it

    18. Ele Agosto

      I looked and ubnoxion is a real word

    19. Crilly Family

      “That was a hiccup” Me doing hiccups the same way 👁👄👁

    20. Hannah Sell

      I take care of my brash

    21. Phoebe Smith

      Lol like 2 weeks ago my friend showed me your channel...it's the only channel I have watched since then😂

    22. Samoura larusha

      Moriah: Oof mah earrings are heavy bc I’m young .w.

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    28. Peachy Star

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      *Points to face* "not this theirs nothing we can do about that."

    31. Charles Lee Ray /chucky

      Everytime she said drip i was like "respect the drip ✨𝓚𝓐𝓡𝓔𝓝✨

    32. Charles Lee Ray /chucky

      When she had the blue tape and pink paint i was like "OML ITS THAT ONE FLAG" 🤩🤩

    33. MaryBeth Ulicni

      OMG......... I'm mean omg I'm not cool at all😶😑😐im inbareced I don't know how to spell sorry 😶😑😐😶😑😐😶😑😐

    34. Michelle Day

      Who else is watching this because they started at prt.2

    35. A Peach Plays Animal Crossing

      You legit tricked me there I was like Girl no I liked itttt!:( Fright of my life there hahaha

    36. makenzie munz

      A jean jacket, A white shirt...HASUIUFSGUYFAAAAAAAAAGH

    37. Natalie Force

      Moriah: These erring's are kind of heavy... I'm worried about my earlobes, what if they get stretched out?! Me: I have already ripped my earlobe girl! It will be okay! Lol

      1. Tehreem Sultan


    38. Izzy Wallace

      Moriah: I dont have a camera man :< Me: GURL I WILL BE UR CAMERA GURL FOR. FREE. Also Moriah: I Just Cant Help But feel this isnt the FULL rainboy -insert sad moriah crying sounds- me: I know why........cuz......its....not.....in.........ORDERRR!...

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      I love your videos and I wish I could see you someday

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      “Play doh vibes”. Wow. Lol. P.S on dads acc

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      moriah: Nobody takes rainbow that seriously. Except me me: Wht bout me?

    42. The One And Only Starlie :3


    43. Aasia Momin

      I love Le blue pastel soo much!

    44. 2024 student7

      So at my birthday party we customized shirts and my mom just bought shirts that were intended for tie dye at the craft store since they make those thick

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    48. UwUz UwU

      What if you mix leather paint with da fabric paint,whatvwould happen

    49. Gummy Wormz

      Moriah: “...my outfrit..woah...OUTFRIT? oh look at my outfrit here” 😂

    50. Beatriz Beatriz

      I like the rainbow

    51. Beatriz Beatriz

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    52. Gwendolyn Gamble

      you shouild draw a pant older

    53. Kins Obannon

      Hi I love your video❣️

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      You should make your own paint brand 👍

    55. Addison Shae

      When she said did I trick anybody? ME: yes because I am stupid Moriah I am not calling you stupid I am calling stupid

    56. Lainey Marcuis

      anyone else concerned as to why her paints are not in rainbow order?

    57. Limey

      Watching this again because I'm bored, and I actually find the little rant about pastel red interesting (color theory?). True pastel red looks like dark coral. Makes no sense.

    58. •Ŧɨnɏ Đɨnø•

      I’m literally sat under the blanket from her website waiting for my Georgie plush 😂

    59. Elliptical Games

      You know it's Moriah when her art looks cool the second she starts mixing the paint

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      I love your videos so much and I love how you’re so funny and you always make me laugh when I watch you and I have a challenge for you you should have one squishy to customize that you were the customize like pickle

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      Moriah Custom Words: Painterly, pastely, obnoxtion, behooee, foodimals, doohickey, heebie-jeebies

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    77. Randy Collns

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      1. Austin Berlin

        Your funny

      2. Austin Berlin

        It was realy 😬😄

      3. Austin Berlin

        That was a long type

    84. Blue_unicorn 6734

      I know what color you were missing kn the shoes! It was red :3!❤️

      1. Blue_unicorn 6734


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      I'm going to do a rainbow 🌈 Fans:noooooooooooo!!!!!!!! No more rainbows

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      Is every one going to forget that it is the shoes do not have the fool rainbow what about indigo like if u agree

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      I want to be a good artist like you 👩🏻‍🎨

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