I Painted an Entire Outfit (Pt. 2)

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    Hey guys! Today I am going to paint an entire outfit!! In part one, I customized a pair of shoes (vans), I decorated a tee shirt, and painted on a pair of shorts. So today I am going to complete the outfit by painting on this denim jacket. I LOVE the last custom jean jacket I made, so I was really excited to do it again.
    WATCH PART 1 HERE: hufast.info/plan/vide/m6uXr9Wmz1_FYqM&ab_channel=MoriahElizabeth
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    If you've never tried painting on clothes you should! There's some tiktok painting on clothes videos if you need more inspiration. It's a great way to up cycle old clothes, or just have fun decorating things. Great art project idea for when you're bored at home.
    I am using fabric paint and leather paint on all of these items. These paints are flexible so that paint doesn't crack when you wear the clothes.
    If you stuck around to the end, you will already know that I am going to have to save the jean jacket for next week. I thought I would be able to paint the entire outfit in one video, but it turned out to be much more time consuming of an art project than I thought.

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