I'm Decorating Seashells Now

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    Hey guys! this week Im going to share with you the continuation of a project that I started a long time ago and haven't touched....FOR SIX YEARS. I collected all the seashells at the beach. Since they are so plain, they are perfect for decorating! I started painting these like crazy, and then stopped for whatever reason and left most of them unpainted. I didn't finish all of them this week, but at least I got a couple more done.
    I just recently posted my 2 part room tour and I shared my forgotten box of seashells with you guys. SOOO many of you commented asking me to make a video of how I decorate them. So, here ya go!
    I think this is perfect timing, because it's a great craft for summer, since a lot of people collect these seashells and then don't end up knowing what to do with them. If your looking for an easy summer DIY , this is a cool, fun, creative activity you can do to spice up your collection.
    -Paint brushes
    -Acrylic paint
    -Mod Podge
    -Glitter (if you dare)
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