I'm Moving. Wanna Pack With Me?

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    Hey Guys! Today is a bit of a different video. I am moving....sooooo my whole filming setup/supplies/tables are going to be out of business for a few days. Since a regular video wasn't going to work, I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and make a video about packing. Sorry LOL
    I hope you guys enjoy this video. It is a lot longer than I anticipated, there was definitely a lot to do. I am having to restructure my whole set-up soooo next week may have to be something "different" as well. Hopefully I can get everything set up by then, but no guarantees.
    I had to pack allll my toys, plushies, squishies and also tons of art supplies and hand-made crap. How many things do you recognize from other videos???? ahahaha
    Also, seriously if anyone wants the stuff that I am getting rid of, I may put it up online or something...it's not like I can donate handmade stuff so

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