I Decorated a Gingerbread House

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    Hey! Today I thought it would be fun to try to decorate a gingerbread house, in order to get a little festive and do some creative christmas themed projects. If you've never tried making a DIY gingerbread house before, don't let this video scare you, you definitely should! It's a really fun activity to do with friends and family where you can get creative. Also, no matte how ugly it turns out, it always tastes good 😂 . There are always tons of make your own gingerbread house kits available around this time of year. But make sure you get plenty of extra frosting and candy for decorating!! 🤣
    Anyway, sorry that this project didn't turn out exactly how I was hoping. I hope you enjoy it anyway, and mayyyyybe you'll get some tips on how to decorate a gingerbread house and how NOT to decorate a gingerbread house 🤣
    I am hoping to do at least one more christmas themed art project this season, so make sure you stick around for that!

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    1. NotFroggyGurl

      Moriah: i hate it The gingerbread house to me: The Monalisa

    2. Honey and Lovey

      This looks so good

    3. LEAFY LET

      she's going hard on herself, I loved the gingerbread house! but the door did look kinda ugly.....

    4. Omgaming

      Can u paint the gray thing u used for the prop to hold the roof

    5. Staci Ye

      You should tie up the top of the pipingbag

    6. Staci Ye

      I tell you that you should wear gloves or something to protect your hand???

    7. Paige Hemingway

      I love it

    8. Sabrina Tyler

      Not the skittles but I liked the rainbow by itself

    9. Samantha bongbonga

      wow you are so good at making giingerbread houses.... at least better than me because i have never made one. she did 2 and i made 0

    10. Angie Stroud

      Why do you think that is ugly it’s not! It’s beautiful 🤩

    11. Gillian Powell

      If there’s anything I’ve learnt form HUfast it’s that it recommends things moths or even years later but do I still watch it of course I do bc I’m im not a monster lol

    12. Sunflower Girl

      Hey stop we love it

    13. Alice Lambert

      Actually she decorated really well and I loved the rainbow swirly icing

    14. Agnes Prywata

      Who likes how Moriah put all the colored icing into one icing and was so cute

    15. Fr Vert

      I love your Gingerbread house

      1. Fr Vert

        But I liked it more without the details and skittles

    16. Ayla dapig

      Me:I'm dying Me building a gingerbread house Me:its ok Me again see moriah gingerbread house: Me again: O_O

    17. Jazmín Martínez

      ITS NOT UGLY its ok 🍩🍪🥟

    18. Eva Klausz


    19. Royston Brooks-Lewis

      my daughter and her friend think it looks great

    20. Alayna Llama

      I LOVE the rainbow roof

    21. Lol Lol

      Amazing 🤩

    22. Daisy B

      Is it weird that I can't wait to see if she does something Christmas themed this year also I wish it was Christmas even though it is April

    23. Kawaii Bears

      Just cut a bit of the end of the icing off

    24. Annabelle Coyle

      I luv it

    25. Ashley Patnaude

      She is a Great artist

      1. Ashley Patnaude

        Hey press👍 to agree

    26. Stephanny Soria

      I like the roof and you triyed your best

    27. Corinne Wale

      You did awesome, I’ve created way uglier

    28. Aya

      It looks amazing

    29. Tamzyn Chetty

      The house is pretty don't worry

    30. Just Jo

      I loved her ginger bread house before she put chocolate icing! You are very talented!

    31. I’m a crazy peep

      Hey Moriah, no one has to be good at everything. I'm not even good at riding a bike

    32. 0_Spooky_0

      It’s cute

    33. Tommy Lizard

      I’m so tired but I can’t stop watching Moria!!!

    34. musicrulez88

      Moriah: ''that looks tacky,i hate it'' me:*makes worse than moriah* ''I LOVE ITTT''

    35. bunni

      But it looks so good :(

    36. wesjen659

      Moriah : Its so ugly Me: That is so pretty

    37. The Library Of Useless Information

      This got me in the Christmas spirit! In April...

    38. ItsMeLaaiba

      She should totally decorate an advent calendar and each day has a different character on it. We love your channel so much! copy and paste so Moriah sees.

    39. Nicky Shaw

      Why does she not like it. It's amazing 💛💛💛💛💛

    40. Isabella Barry

      It is ok it looks ok

    41. Manasa Nv

      I guess she loves rainbow 😂

    42. Celia B

      Her: thinking it sucks. Me: "The last time I made a ginger bread house it wouldn't stand for more then 2 minutes."

    43. meymey styles

      This is the best ginger house everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    44. Nurya Çakır

      It looks good

    45. CookieBeast88

      Little tip: To avoid the frosting blowing up out of the top of the piping bag, twist the top where you hold it.

    46. Zaylee King

      It is not garbage

    47. rosecat TALBOT

      I like it

    48. AG Alstar Films!

      Moriah, haaa really how about no thank you Me cracking up because she is being nice too instructions!! 🤣😂

    49. Isabella Gray!

      Moriah you are my inspiration with all of your different vids I love your channel and all the work you put into your vids

    50. ArtLover3000

      her: its so ugly Me: cant even get mine to stand up

    51. Meegee_cat


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      I like it

    53. Kristiana Sanchez

      You are the you do not disappoint us

    54. Michelle Dodge

      I actually really liked the roof!! I thought it was super cute!

    55. Samantha Chippington

      I have never made a ginger bread house soooo i dont no how hard it is but its propley real dam hard

      1. Samantha Chippington

        She is propley 1000,000,000,000,000, time's better then me i'm beining dead serious

    56. X 1RedAlpha1 X

      Just a tip I learned from my mom when you fill the piping bag twist the top and hold it or you can twist the top and use a rubber band😂

    57. Miss Sama world

      Lol her song is always in mind

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    59. cinnamonspiderr


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      No joke that looks really cool and nice and pretty gingerbread

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      it was so good

    63. Aussie Twins

      It looks amazing I can’t even get it together

    64. Rory BURKE

      If I made a gingerbread 'house' it would end up with a pile of gingerbread, globs of frosting everywhere and an extremely sad me

    65. Leena T

      Moriah Elizabeth: it’s the worst thing ever Me: then my gingerbread houses might just be a garbage can with flies around it🗑

    66. Tiffany Papa

      I like it 🎅🏻

    67. Bubbles4Ever

      Honestly, I think the house is AMAZING!!!

    68. Cheyanne Klein

      Her thinks hers is total trash Me tries to copy what shes doing and the color is BROWN

    69. Sofia Martinez

      Moriah : my house is so ugly Me my sister mom aunt: can’t even build the house

    70. virg2840 virg2840

      If me and my sisters made this we’d be so proud, normally halfway through the process somebody’s thumb gets stabbed or something and we end up with a good of something

    71. don't wake me up unless u die

      Am I the only one who thinks that it looks good ???

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      I like it

    73. Anika Russell

      i love the first one .don't be so hard on your self

    74. Tun Tun

      I'm a kid and that last not the last comet the last thing you made is derp and perfect ans so good at that Gingerbread house so don't call it ugly.

    75. Ben H

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      When she did the roof she said it looked ugly,I thought it looked very good.Better then what I could have done.

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      She thinks it's bad but I can't even get the Skittles on

    85. Kat The kitten

      What in the world is fondant?

    86. Claire’s Figit Trading

      Moriah, it’s so good! You tried your best!! It is beautiful!! Ur are amazing and don’t let anybody change you!!! Ilysm!

    87. Aaron Galer

      The first gingerbread house looked amazing

      1. Aaron Galer


    88. E. C.

      You should rename this video to “roasting every gingerbread house kit in the world “🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    89. Becky Gibson

      She did better then I can do

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      I love it

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      Moriah:This is so horrible and discusing! Me:THAT'S SO GOOD!!!

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      Hi my first question is will you include your husband in your videos and can you make a heart watermelon pickle squishy and do a house tour soon

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