Help Me Choose Squishies to Paint.

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    Hey guys! today I am going to be unboxing a bunch of used, damaged squishies that have been sent to me from you guys! I plan on using some of these for my squishy makeover series, where I fix and redecorate old squishies and create custom art creations. Let me know which squishies you think I should use in the next episode in the comments!
    *The Rubik's Cube pre-order is still ON! But it ends soon, don't miss out!*
    Today I am going to be opening a bunch of boxes/packages from my subscribers. Basically "fanmail" or P.O. box unboxing, BUT most of these packages are used, dirty, old squishies sent to me from people who no longer want them. I like to fix them up, paint over them, customize them and decorate them to create new works of ART for my video series called "Squishy Makeovers". Soooooo every once in a while I like to do these videos, looking through all the candidates I've been sent. It's always very interesting seeing which squishies I get and how bad of condition they are. Plus there are some cute extra gifts thrown in from my very generous viewers that are fun to look through. My current P.O. box address is kept private because I have been overloaded with mail in the past, so I only give it out by request to a handful of people each week (email address to request it, bottom of description). The address you see on a lot of the old packages in this video is NOT my current address, I no longer have access to it. Let me know in the comments which squishies you would like to see in the next squishy makeover episode.

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    Hey! my name is Moriah (pronounced muh-rye-yuh 😂 ) and this is my channel....obviously. I'm 26 and like doing anything creative...and being snarky.....just a lil. I make a lot of decorating, painting and general art videos here. I'm obsessed with editing and adding lil bits to my videos, so if that's not your thing....oof you may hate this haha. I paint on squishies, thrift store finds, and other random things I pick up. I also love to draw, but don't expect anything too skilled, I'm not the best at that haha. You will also find occasional crafting/testing crafting kits on my channel which are always a hot mess. And even some baking (REALLY bad at that, but it's fun to try LOL).
    Squishy Makeovers: Fixing and decorating used squishies sent from my viewers
    Thrift Store Makeovers: Fixing and decorating stuff I find at thrift stores/yard sales
    Bake With ME: Recreating squishies I've decorated in real life
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    Squishy Unboxing: Opening used squishy packages sent from viewers
    Craft Kit Testing: pretty self explanatory. testing craft kits.
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    ATTENTION: Unfortunately I can only respond to a small amount of people each week. This is to make sure that I get a reasonable amount of mail and can feature the maximum amount on camera. I apologize in advance if you do not hear back from me, I may not have even seen the message. This email gets SUPER clogged with thousands of messages. Currently have 15,000+ unread messages just in this folder. SORRY PEEPS!*

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    1. This_ Thing101

      Everything‘s better with sprinkles. Me: put sprinkles on brother, didn’t work🥲🥲

    2. Patricia Wallace


    3. Patricia Wallace

      She should really do a deck of card's it would be cool!!!!

    4. Tricia Godfrey

      Moriah you need to make the unicorn into a pig Copy and pasted this if you think she needs to turn the unicorn into a pig

    5. auxellira

      I don’t know why I want to see a baby yoda squishy

    6. susy syharath

      Can you pleaseeeeeeee do the dog is broken up in pieces and the big unicorn doughnut

    7. Screech The Parrot

      The seal do that for a makeover

    8. Lily Mather

      I would love for you to paint the narwall cake

    9. DD_ Productions

      Don’t copy and paste too much, huh? 💀💀

    10. YouTube Battles

      Can you please try and paint the taco into an ice cream Sunday?

    11. Mango Tango

      Guys stop copy pasting and bombing her comments section

    12. Elsa Moreno

      I think you should do the bear holding a strawberry and the fat penguin. Oh and maybe also, the bear with the duck

    13. Lucy Pennings

      Please the weird unidentified Mario characters!

    14. cami blyzes

      Narwal cake and santa cat and seal and uni donut plzzzzz

    15. Eden Black

      Can u pls paint the moon cat and the cat twins I love you ❤❤❤so much

    16. temermis

      Astenot cat because you can change it into opie

    17. Arianna Alfaro

      She should do the koala with wings with a chocolate bar, the 4 footbal-head cats, the wierd elephants, and the dog ripped to peices. Those were the ones I thought would look good in a makeover. Also, I painted a drippy rainbow painting kinda like the one she painted on a shirt, I just really liked the idea so I changed it a little and then painted it.

    18. RoyaleHighSpice Gals

      The seal is very cute

    19. RoyaleHighSpice Gals

      Make the koala pizza designed

    20. RoyaleHighSpice Gals

      Ok, gurl u need to do the narwhal cake oneeee pls like if u agree! 👇

    21. Best of the Beck

      You need to make a bumblebear squishie

    22. ladybug898 cat Noir989

      # you do have a pig the fat pig😹 Koala with wings eating a chocolate

    23. Lisa Sellers

      Please do the decapitated pink unicorn that looks like a pig 🐖

    24. Rachel Petersen

      You should make Rosie the bashful dragons friend with the butterfly wings

    25. Mia Hey

      Dog ripped into pieces 🐶😂

    26. Olivia Balson

      Anyone else wants to see her paint an entire card set? It could be like a series and eventually, she'll have a whole deck!! Copy and past plz

    27. Olivia Balson

      You can do a kitty family

    28. Weird Llama

      Maybe do the Psycho koala

    29. Lauren Darrah

      Can you try playing among us in one of your vids

    30. Ryan Pecnick

      You should do the unicorn plz PS I love your vids!!

    31. Kaitlyn Krieser

      you should totally do the koala with the wings and the choclate bar

    32. Kaitlyn Chan

      Anyone else wants to see her paint an entire card set? It could be like a series and eventually, she'll have a whole deck!! Copy so Moriah can see but try to be careful we don’t wanna force her! :)

    33. xmuslimahx

      people on the comments, can you like not to comment bomb Moriah? I'm sure u don't mean anything bad but there a lot of comment bombs of a lot of other ideas, which are great! but lets all just chill xD ofc u can remind her like uh 'painting on seashells' and stuff like that.

    34. Isla Connie21

      The 2 little mario knockoffs

    35. Painting Time with me :3

      When I meant I wish I know how to do that stuff I mean from all of your videos:{

    36. Painting Time with me :3

      I wish I knew how to do that stuff :{

    37. Haleigh Busbey

      I would love if you did the fat penguin! You always end up making fat stuff into something ADORBS

    38. brenda v

      dounut please

    39. L i v D I Y

      For the milk cartons you could do them each as different characters you made or you could do flavors like, chocolate, rainbow milk, strawberry, vanilla, regular, coconut, and much more lol

    40. Marianne Hollins

      Its nearly my birthday so please can you make a scwishy and send it to me im ternign 9

    41. • Z O E •

      Can you do the plump and juicy bear with the bear in the costume

    42. Bylgja Hilmarsdóttir

      Unicorn doughnut

    43. Kristen Bonilla

      I love the galaxy fox so much do that one


      When you said,” These have weird football shaped heads,” I was like oh yeah like Dora 😂

    45. Annette Christensson

      Anyone else wants to see her paint an entire card set? It could be like a series and eventually, she'll have a whole deck!! Copy so Moriah can see but try to be careful we don’t wanna force her! :)


      ✨Narwhal cake and unicorn donut✨ Please it would be so cool

    47. Kay Minto

      Dog squishy

    48. Haisley Tough

      OMG! Do the milk cartons, and they all have the same colour, then, you add a circle and put your best characters in the circles so u have a milk carton set with your characters on them. Lol. Hope that makes sense! Copy and paste if you want to see Moriah do it *and like too* tysm!! ❤️

    49. Vera Chung

      Guys! We need to remind Moriah to do her annual painting seashells video. Copy and paste to remind her! But don’t copy and paste too much.

    50. Haisley Tough

      Pleeeeeeeese do the seal!! He would be so cute Moria style!! 🦭❤️

    51. Lillian McLeay

      I really like the shape of the narwhal cake,could you do the broken winged butterfly

    52. Andrea Lengu

      the turtle

    53. Mylee Dominique

      Pls paint the astronaut cat and the purple koala and the giant unicorn doughnut please🥰

    54. Alicia Sparrowhunter

      I love the COW and the set of twins

    55. Isabella Grimes

      The 7:24 cat is really cute and the people thingys 13:47 would be interesting too Oh and 14:32 dragon would be so cool

    56. Luke Digenis

      you should do a vid with ZHC btw your one of the best and creative artists in the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    57. Luke Digenis

      your cool and me think you should be a pro at art

      1. Luke Digenis

        I ment you are a pro at art

    58. Emmelie Bengtsson

      Would be cool to see you paint one of your acorn squishes inspired by the acorn pillow :P

    59. Simone Edwards

      You should do the space cat and in the ball you could paint a second kitten inside a space orb thing

    60. Six lightlol

      do cat familie

    61. Tabz

      Can you make the Santa cat that Will be so cute i now it 🌈 Ps i love your videos Moriah🤩

    62. #F10n4 M4h3

      pls do a kitty fam it would be so adorbs

    63. RoseWorks Imagination

      Paint the two cat towers as one so there is 4 cats in one tower

    64. Lolly

      Cat astronaut

    65. Shonna Miller

      Do all your characters like the “missing person” milk carton designs?

    66. ][Patricia Reyes][

      1:13 1:39 2:15 And thats about it I guess ill add more Idea: paint on pain brushes. Like where you hold them Idea 2: paint on the outside of the paint container 7:18 8:20 10:04 11:30 13:15

    67. James Whillis

      Hi Moriah!! Here are my suggestions for the next squishy makeover: Purple Koala (1:40) Chubby Unicorn (8:00) Tiny face Alpaca (9:15) Pink Seal (9:32) Stay Safe!! (PS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH)

    68. Amanda Rubin

      she should do a poker set like all the chips

    69. EmmatheEmmazing

      Can you makeover the narwhal cake?

    70. Douglas ODonnell

      Definitely 100% the first one you opened and showed us!

    71. Annamary Kark

      Hello my name is Annie I'm new to watching your channel and you are super entertaining Untill I started watching you I have never seen a squishy I'm home bound not cause of covid but because of my health conditions I cant wait to see more and I hope someday I'll will be able to find a squishy as cool as yours Have a great day and keep up the great videos Thank you Ypur new friend 😊

    72. Star Safiya 1

      Guys! We need to remind Moriah to do her annual painting seashells video. Copy and paste to remind her! But don’t copy and paste too much because we don’t want to force her!

    73. soria ortiz

      do the football headed cats

    74. Peppa Pig


    75. Ms. Cool

      12:20 OMG!!!You can make all the cats into a cat family in a ice cream cone!

    76. Alexisplays !

      Please make the earless and hornless unicorn into a pig!

    77. Alexisplays !

      I would love to see you decorate the cream puff! Thank you!!

    78. Anita Triffitt

      Please do the purlpe koala

    79. Erin Feinstein

      There is a children’s picture book called “The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear”. My girls adored it and I would love to see you remake the white bear with the strawberry using that book as your inspiration.

    80. Michael Ayla

      Get the cream puff one and the "fixed "rainbow strawberry

    81. Lisa Record

      I think the cat bear thing is a hamster

    82. Katelyn Smith

      do taco, alpaca, and unicorn doughnut

    83. Alexa Garcia

      Taco I want you to decorate the taco 🌮 plz

    84. 2i Smilla Xue Bach

      I loved the idea with the koala🐨 and the wings and the chocolate thing

    85. Ana Zuniga


    86. Ana Zuniga

      Do the astronaut cat!!!

    87. Brianna Wilkerson

      what is the address to send you squishies? i have a few squishes that I want to send you that I and my sister tried to fix ourselves. you inspire us so much. and speaking of you fixing squishes, you should do a video where you fix squishes that people have tried to fix there selfs

    88. Ruby-Leigh Appleby

      I💖💖ur vids

    89. Anna Van Roekel

      Plzzzzzzzzzz do the dounut unicorn

      1. Anonymous


    90. Violet Anderson

      Do a Family of cats

    91. Kristina Rivera

      Can u do the coula with wings and chocolate pls but I don’t care what u do it always terns out cute when grow up I want to be a artist like u you inspire me love u

    92. Valender


    93. Adaeze Jean

      I love your squishies makeovers

    94. Rose

      you can make Rosie the bashful dragon's sister with the wings and the dragon.

    95. Valender

      The UNIPIG

    96. Valender


    97. Joel Hernandez

      Do a card set

    98. Joel Hernandez

      Do a card set

    99. Joel Hernandez

      Do a card set

    100. Joel Hernandez

      Do a card set