Giving My Storage Bins a Makeover

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    Hey guys! Today, I'm gonna bring you guys along with me to paint over my old, boring cloth organizers. They're pretty plain and white and since I'm going for a very colorful look in my new art room, I thought I could give them a little makeover.
    I'm in the process of decorating my whole art room, so if you like this video, I may do more like this.
    These are the typical Ikea cube shelves that everyone and their mother has. I felt like this was something good to share with everyone because I've never seen anyone else do this, and I think it is a pretty easy way to put a personal touch on a room.
    Obviously you wouldn't have to do this as obnoxiously as me lol. You could be more subdued and classy with it. Or use stencils and whatnot if you don't want to free-hand it.

    Fabric paint works really great on these, but if you can’t find fabric paint, make sure you at least use a paint that is flexible so that it doesn’t crack when you're dragging these in and out of the shelves. Probably not best to use something like acrylic paint. Unless you combine it with a fabric medium.

    1. Cube Shelf (I’m using the Kallax Shelf from Ikea)
    2. Cloth box insert (or you can use wooden bins)
    3. Fabric Paint (switch with acrylic paint if using wooden bins)
    Im thinking about how to decorate the remaining 4. Not sure if I should do them in the same theme, a different theme or
    STORAGE BINS (affiliate link):

    -If you notice on my very “MESSY” plan, I was going to do metallic accents….obviously I changed my mind about that. I just decided I didn’t want that look…..
    -I wanted them to each be unique in the own way, but unify them with color. they all have a light rainbow, a dark rainbow and white accents.
    -I decided not to paint the sides, back or inside of the boxes (only the front) because
    1. Those areas aren’t visible unless the bin is open and 2. I didn’t want the paint on the outside to stick to the shelf

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