Dollar Store Makeover

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    Hey guys! Today I am trying a bit of a new concept for my channel. I decided to go shopping at the Dollar Store for a couple of items that I thought would be fun to paint on, customize and decorate to make them more of my style. I noticed shopping at the Dollar Tree, that there were so many cute things that had a lot of easy DIY potential. I wanted to do this to show that you don't need to spend a lot to have fun with art and customizing things. There are so many cheap and affordable items to be painted on! This video starts out with a mini dollar tree haul, and then I go on to feature 3 different $1 makeovers. I hope I give you some fun ideas for easy dollar store flips!
    Let me know if you want me to try this again or if you want me to try the "EXTREME MODE" (lol) dollar store makeover where I choose my art supplies from the dollar store as well.

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    1. frog legs

      49%; moriah needs to paint some seashells. 50%; someone is stealing her merch! 1%; gah I love how __

    2. AB Equestrian

      Are you ever going to do squishy makeovers again?

    3. Nathalia Yeo

      There is a seller on Amazon selling Moriah's design, and merch, without giving her credit. This isn't fair, Moriah works so hard on all of her squishes and Merch. Let's try to get Moriah to see this comment. Please help! (All credit goes to Victoria K, the original commenter)

    4. Idk My name

      How cute would it be if she made a mini version of her Pom Pom plant out of the mini planter

    5. Julia Vozza

      Your not a good painter your an a amazing wonderful painter I can’t even find the right word your just a great painter

    6. ♡☆BobaXtea☆♡

      I say the heart box

    7. Anais De La Garza

      I love to her the words hey it's me ........ Me

    8. Darris Ford


      1. Darris Ford


    9. Anna Greer

      Paint an ENTIRE CARD DECK! It will be a series and eventually be a whole set! (copy and paste this so she sees!)

    10. Keniya Mays

      Not rlly related but as a part of the mcyt fandom I seen blue and green together and I started hollering ✋🏼💀

    11. Bellalife Time

      The inside of your nails are crusty

      1. Nathalia Yeo

        well that is rude dont be mean to moriah it doesnt matter about her nails!!!

    12. Niyah Dorsey

      Hi I love your videos and I get all my art things from you 😊😊😊😊😊


      i gave it ahand

    14. Laila Sofea Ahmad

      I got really sad when u dont make the green and pink pot into a watermellon themed pot :(

    15. Nate Picard

      you forgot the popcorn

    16. Toca Joz

      I love the tie die box!

    17. Flora Brown

      I love the new one

    18. Flora Brown

      The original one looks like 🤮🤮🤮

    19. Isabella Persaud Unicorn

      I really want to get the robix cube but it’s to expensive can U lower the price moriah

    20. Isabella Persaud Unicorn

      I really want to get the robix cube but it’s to expensive can U lower the price moriah

    21. Isabella Persaud Unicorn

      I really want to get the robix cube but it’s to expensive can U lower the price moriah

    22. Isabella Persaud Unicorn

      I really want to get the robix cube but it’s to expensive can U lower the price moriah

    23. Flora Brown

      Moriah look kyoot

    24. SimplyDrii

      John 3:16 peeps! :)

    25. Macy Kellett

      The tie dye box is giving me Barney vibes

    26. Denki’s Lover

      Can u do a inverted colours for your squishys (so u pick your colour and you do the opposite ones instead)

    27. Kathrine Wang

      11:11 just a bookmark.

    28. Jane Leach

      There is a seller on Amazon selling Moriah’s squishy designs, Merch, without giving her any credit. This isn’t fair, Moriah works so hard on all of her squishies and merch. Let’s try to get Moriah to see this.

    29. Martin Gill

      You should have made the red and green plant pot into a water melon

    30. Vanessa Holder

      I want the little pot set SO BAD

    31. Sydney Salant

      what brand of paint do you use

      1. Izuku Midoriya

        I’m. Positive she uses Apple barrel. Just uses Poska paint pens I don’t know if you would count that but-

    32. Mily Bei

      Thanks Moriah, went and got me some wood projects from the dollar tree! They had so many cute new things😁😆 I got a jewlrey box to paint, which I would also like to see you paint one please🙂

    33. gacha_berry

      Your nails add the missing prple

      1. gacha_berry


    34. gacha_berry

      At 11:26 that videos the first vid under the vid I'm watching sorry if I'm spamming Chu with comments I deeply apologize please somehow reply uwu my signature to every M.E video comment uWu

    35. gacha_berry

      Oof at 8:52 what U said well here listen to "Prettys on the inside" by some person I dunt know it's a touching Sony UWWU

    36. Iris Dreamright

      The planters are soooooooooooo adorable!!! I'm going shopping this afternoon! Cause I want to buy isome planters YAY!

    37. bofooit gojo

      idk) Don’t copy it to much because we don’t want to force her:D

    38. Pink Noodles

      omgg i misss u ive been watching ur vidss since ur on 600k omggg thank god i remember u and i search u soooo fasttt

    39. Tiffany McDaniels

      You are my favorite HUfast'er that I know and you are the best HUfast person 💕

      1. bofooit gojo

        that's a summer thing

    40. Victoria Gray


    41. Lourdes Garino


    42. Lila Salon

      I feel like there was a missed opportunity those plant pots were the perfect size and shape to be ice cream cones

    43. Emily HANDLEY

      I love it the only part I don’t love is the green looks like yellow

      1. Emily HANDLEY

        Sorry moriah

    44. Panda-senseï

      You can try embroidery on the towels 🥰

    45. Mads

      11:35 holy carp that's Kirby in drag

    46. Denki_ Kaminari

      Moriah....about time for that annual sea shell painting now isn’t it? Lol 😂 not trying to force you but just a lil reminder!

    47. april tristan

      i think u should AN ACTALL PHONE and thats my my ideai

    48. Bee :p

      I saw the wooden pineapple box and automatically knew she was going to associate it with Georgie😂♡

    49. Bethbytika Plays

      My ocd levels when the planter colours don’t match. 🔝🔝⬆️⬆️

    50. yuiavatar

      me sitting here with my Georgie plush: .

    51. Lola Houghton

      Who else would love to see her paint or decorate the popcorn tin??

    52. Becky davis

      The green blob is me in a nutshell- .-.

      1. Becky davis

        Furry- wait i did this to other peoples profiles ;-; edit:im not supposed to do it on myself

    53. iiEmxlyii

      The best part of the video is when there is applause for the camera

    54. game world

      Is the hand towel rough after painted ???

    55. you & me GaMiNg

      Ok, guys! We need to remind Moriah to start working on her “annual” painting on seashells video. Copy and Paste so we can remind her Don’t copy it too much because we don’t want to force her:D ok I saw this comment and copied but I thought that's a summer thing

    56. Rut Peter

      i like how she took 3s on her intro :>

    57. Reese Dubois

      I love you:)

    58. Sandra Shulist

      I liked the original better...actually nope never mind

    59. Wavy Devi

      My brother was laughing 😆

    60. Wavy Devi

      You’re funny cause you’re like à la à la

    61. Chloe Hunter

      Anyone else want to see her paint an entire card set? It could be like a series and eventually, she'll have a whole deck!!🌈🌈🤗😊 (Idk why I copied and pasted, but sure- credits to galazywolfplayZ btw)

    62. Sienna Brennan

      Every time you said “planters” I swear a piece inside me dies.

    63. Ramune Cesyniene

      Omg The plant pots look so pretty ahhh, you should start selling them as merch like they are so so cute🥰

    64. bnha._. collab

      I thought you were gonna do the polar bear family on the 3 plant pots

    65. •ÍtżgäçháWøłf •

      I am the only one who noticed that on the crate I see pink orange yellow green blue purple? 💗🧡💛💚💙💜

    66. Jiya Arora

      Paint an entire card set. Copy if you want it too :)

    67. gaurav singhal

      Fun fact- your clay pots colors sequence is same as my bed cusions

    68. Rosalynn Sinclair

      She ruined the pink and green one she could have done a watermelon

    69. Strawberry Unicorn

      I try to say this on most of her videos but she is my favourite You- Tuber!!

    70. Ginny Weasley

      Hey guys we need to "REMIND" moriah about painting the yearly sea shells Video like it up so she sees but Remember don't be demanding or Forceful Remember guys this is a reminder no force 😁

    71. Hattie Kerr

      Please a part 2

    72. big husk boss

      You are good at art Moriah i wish I was As good as you .

    73. Violet Jenkins


    74. SSO Dark Arrow

      omg colors for the blobs makes since Pink is like a really happy- Greens is Neural Blue is sad-

    75. Christina Courson

      Actually I liked the original better XD 6:26

    76. the amazingsq


    77. Mark Young

      I'm just saying I love your intro song

    78. Elizabeth Alvarado

      But that's just my nickname

    79. Elizabeth Alvarado

      You spell your name like I saw my name ELIZAB ETH

    80. Amanda Taylor

      I love you very much

    81. Jessica Maclin

      that was really your tumb nail like okkk

    82. Kennedy Miller

      What kind paint do you use

    83. lolaclub

      i need to remind Moriah to start working on her “annual” painting on seashells video. Copy and Paste so we can remind her Don’t copy it to much because we don’t want to force her:D

    84. Devon Stanfield

      I have that same popcorn bucket too!

    85. justin machen

      Am I the only one who did the Liza koshy “A DALLLAAA”

    86. Lazy Laila


    87. sofia 1

      She is the candy crush ad girl???

    88. Max Nabholz

      If I saw these at these store, I would buy them before the cashier saw what I was buying

    89. Dearia Jarmon


    90. kawaii. koo

      are you ok with LGBTQ+ because you like rianbow soooo much?

    91. Sofia

      I got pickle from the wrong website :(

    92. amalia baltodano gage

      I literalry clapped when u said to give your camera a round of applause XD

    93. LilyLemon :p

      “Let’s see if I can get that off, wait what?! A sticker that comes off with ease? That is such a good feeling! I wish all of your kind were more like you!” Same here, we all do I promise (I think at least, but I’m guessing there’s that 1 person who want all stickers to stick so much it ruins the product so that they could watch the world burn 1 day). lol

    94. Hi Hi


    95. zijuiy wttuy

      Hey moriah try to paint a toothbrush, photo frame or a scrunchie. I just wanna see someone do it but don't if you don't want to, JUST IMAGINE A TOOTHBRUSH 🤣

    96. Elyse Wilcox


    97. Gemma OPhee

      do a part 2

    98. Sofia


    99. Rob Fox

      Moriah reminds me so much of my best friend Aoibhe and it turns out that Aoibhe is also subbed to Moriah. :)

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        Who else misses the fake phones at dollar tree we used to get as little kids 👁👄👁

    100. Mollie Thomas

      The second tie dye was better