Create This Book 2 | Episode #5

6 M megtekintés914

    Hey guys! Today is episode #5 of Create This Book 2! I’m breaking out my trusty prismacolor pencils of course, but also trying some new materials today. I bought a set of metallic deco art acrylic paints and I wanted to test them out. It may or may not have been an absolute fail….you’ll have to wait and see.
    I basically did 4 pages in the episode….kind of.

    It’s been about a month since I did the last episode. Not too bad. I think once a month is a pretty sustainable frequency for posting this series. Although, at this rate I think I would finish the book in a little over a year from now. YIKES.

    ALSO ALSO always check the description for links to secret videos. Send me pictures of your Create This Book artwork to be featured in upcoming videos:

    Themes for this video: squishy makeovers, drawing characters, drawing raccoons, drawing gems, metallic paint

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    1. The Flip side Yt

      omg cousin derp was a thing before cousin derp was a THING?

    2. With Friends

      I know the hot coco bear is god in a name like coco or Benjamin

    3. Tank Towne

      Hey moriah will you pleas make a mermade sqoosheas PlEaS PlEaS

    4. Tank Towne

      Hey moriah will you pleas make a mermade sqoosheas PlEaS PlEaS

    5. Art Woman

      This was the day the one an only cousin Derp was born

    6. Shona Carney

      he is mya and mama

    7. Lilith Troost

      2:05 ITS COUSIN DERP!

    8. Mina Islam

      Can you do a another squishy make over♥♦♠♣✨

    9. UnicornsAreAwesome

      Moriah you are so good at painting even when you say it’s bad

    10. CuteKittenGamez

      i think she was planning to paint pickle into cousin derp like its even sitting in the position.:3

    11. CuteKittenGamez

      u should call:pig with an attitude. Charlotte :> like if you agree it just popped in my mind. or im a bad namer

    12. Sarah Kendall

      Was I the only one jamming to twinkle twinkle little star?

    13. Vinod Raut

      Can you plz tell me which pencil colours do you use for ur drawings...😕

    14. Claudia Fradette

      Me u gave me a good idiea ty soo much

    15. Kathlen Narcisi

      The pig should be called Felicia like if you think so

    16. xxemiliaplayz roblox

      Call the pig peppy or smoky bacon 🦹‍♀️

    17. CheerleadingWithBella

      I have the same matalic paint btw luv u so much

    18. Kailey Kerr

      I thought the blue pickle was cousin derp but I saw the date of this and well that’s pickle not derp

    19. Emily Bailey

      Moriah: not that I’ve ever done a brilliant piece of artwork, but- Me: Stop lying.

    20. Flora Tierney

      Name the pig Dr. Squish

    21. Strxwberri_ Milk

      Fun fact that I learned when I saw it on a shirt : *ETC or etc may refer to: Etc. or et cetera, a Latin expression meaning "and the other things" or "and the rest".*

    22. Benjamin Ronlund

      cold polar bear an be called frosty

    23. Hrishti Mund

      Names: fatty pig coca bear lighte polar bear derby dinosaur dodo cream bear🤣🤣

    24. amazing nancy 57

      So is the pink polar bear the girl and is pickle cousin dirt???????

    25. Chloe Mcgillivray

      Moriah: I stink at art Me: I CAN’T EVEN DRAW A CIRCLE WHAT ARE YOU SAYING

    26. vicki jones

      Ok so when she said if you don't follow the directions I will find you, I was like oh she's just joking but then I actually thought that she meant it and I got a little scared 😂🤣 😃 I'm weirdo

    27. Marleigh Stevens

      luv ur vids

    28. Marleigh Stevens

      can u pls not use dog or doorbell noises in ur vids bc my dogs go nuts every time thx

    29. Jahnavi Hasabi

      The blue pickle is looking like cousin deep...

    30. Darkwolf Gacha


    31. Gacha_fox Mccall

      You never fale to make me laugh

    32. Hyder Ali Talpur

      Mintbear:purple iced bear

    33. Kawaii Craziness

      The pig should be called mr ham

    34. Abbigale Capes

      love your vat ope i have a fat cat to his name is marvin

    35. Ava Powell

      Her: I have never done a beautiful piece of artwork. Pickle:gasping then crying Shelly and eustace:noooooooooooo Me: how can you say that you are amazing

    36. Andrew Pohl

      Mr baer

    37. ItsMyaBruh

      You should make an animation with any squishies or drawings you made

    38. Gary Christie

      I’m a girl on my dads account but I suck at drawing :(

    39. Nezuko Kamado

      Moriah if you said that so Im gonna do everything out of the instructions

      1. Nezuko Kamado

        Yea but jot all of them

    40. Annaya Brooker

      The hot coco bear can be winter the ice cream koala can be velvet the fat pig can Mr.Piggy the male version of ms.piggy

    41. Zane Camria Dannug Mallorca

      how are you so good at Drawing and PAINTING tell me pls your ways

    42. S T

      It’s ok to mess up I can’t even do a simple painting

    43. Lunar Plays GAMES

      Purple ice cream bear name is icycone the pig is bunpe polar bear name is frost and hot coco bear is choco

    44. Valentin Ramirez


    45. Arwyn Neufeld

      cousin derp is coming alive already:)

    46. Arwyn Neufeld

      the pigs name should be mr.FAT

    47. Adam Israel

      blue pickle told me DERP

    48. saumia thomas

      Pickle looks like cosin drep

    49. Gabriela García

      Fat Pig With an Annoying Attitude (That is one long name!) can be Plop the Pig. I dunno why. I feel like he would plop down next to u and be annoying.

    50. ptrainmiami

      name the pig chubby but

    51. ptrainmiami

      name the pg chubby but

    52. littlesnaz _yt

      He rgs dyf g yevevrvbrvrhrhrhrgegevsbdbf dg bxbdb dhf fhfvhdvdudbxjdndufbfudhudbdynfngfchhpaggfgehsbbrbtbgvggvggvgcfcffvvcfffffffccfcffccfvvcvrvtcctctctctctcy y ycycgtv5vrbbsbdbhdbfgvrh3ueheheugvdbdudbfubfubfu fbbxhxbfhfjfjfjfjfhhfhfbdbfbhwhebfvdvrbrbtvfgvrvfvffvvf-zvzvvxxgsgsdffvxvdthdgsgdydhdgdgdsggdd

    53. Erin Watson

      Pickle looks like cousin derp

    54. Aziza Springnight

      Pickle + blue = COUSIN DERP!!!!! 😂😂😂

    55. Emily Burnison


    56. Abrickshy

      I have a new name for Fat Pig With An Attitude, how about Mr. Lee, named after my mom's old dog who was lovingly nicknamed pig pig

    57. Ajeesh A. N

      So you see the dinasour on the thumbnail? 11 months later she actually paints him, the same squishy, the same colours. Mind blown

    58. Courtney Wainhouse

      For hot cocoa bear maybe Snoozie? And for the ice cream bear maybe Polar?

    59. Sweet Potato

      I think fat pig with an attitude is a wonderful name 😌👁👄👁

    60. sophia lujan

      I know your name the bear that is cold but I was going to name it snowy I'm just going to name it snowing snowy

    61. Kawaii Wild Plays

      Moriah! You are great at art when I can't even draw a t h u m b. Never doubt your talent. Because it IS amazing! You are amazing! So always ALWAYS remember that failing or messing up is only being human. You are great and so is your art!

    62. Isabel Vilensky

      Omg my dog barked when she said it kept looking like a dog

    63. Skittles


    64. Skittles

      Ice cream bear can be named Minty Pickle can Ben named Avacado Fat pig can be named Mango Winter bear can be frosty and hot chocolate bear is Choco

    65. idontreallycare

      "fat pig with an attitude" I'm dying

    66. Sophie Slack

      Name for pig with an attitude: Maggie

    67. Sophie Slack

      The blue pickle was the inspiration for cousin derp

    68. bear lover

      Yes you have

    69. Shanna Tolley

      It Alaina i dote know why i say'd that

    70. Shanna Tolley

      I was't going that

    71. Shanna Tolley

      Well do you blame her

      1. Shanna Tolley

        I was't going to say that

    72. Shanna Tolley

      Oh eeeeeee i love your cat

    73. Shanna Tolley

      😇I love your vids lol ware do you get the book. Alaina

    74. Khloe Shefford

      I like the name you give the squishies like pickle

    75. Khloe Shefford

      Hi i love you

    76. Llama Marshmallow

      Moriah:I need better naming cuz of FaT PiG WiTh An Aditude

    77. Sarah Mcneil

      You should name a squishy James

    78. Sylvia Lovesi

      **Create this

    79. Sylvia Lovesi

      I have a creative book 2 too!!

    80. Mannat Vlogs

      Honestly I love you and all your work but what if u did the waffle ice cream bear pink and the clothes of the cold bear green. That would look less messed up. Lol. Still love the drawing tho. Show her lots of love people!

    81. Squishy Gaming

      And cousin derp was born

    82. Cheesey Pickle

      Nooo I know this is before cousin derp but pickle looks like him

    83. Pookie's Random World

      Pickle became cousin Derb Like if you get that reference 👇🏻

      1. Sofia AG vlogz

        It’s Derp not Derb

    84. Majda Tiršek

      HELP!!!! Okay so I need help bc I ruined my create this book 2 and u know how I did that weeelllll I was putting tape over everything I did bc it would make the colored pencils not print on the other side but I also put it on the pages that had paint on then bc it would look weird if I just did it on a few of pages so now it is so messy and I don't want to keep going just bc it is sooooooo messy so help me out here how do I get rid of the paint or atleast make the edges neat heeeelp

    85. Pheng Bordallo

      Kinda funny😂 realising i am not even funny at all (😁) 🤓😎

    86. Barbara Gál

      I really like the "rushed" page! :)

    87. Savannah Hoffmann

      I have a video idea that u think would be pretty cool...... I think it would be cool if you painting a wall that's in your art room. I just thought of this bc I saw a video that you where hanging things in your art room so I thought why not PAINT A WALL Instead of decorating it with painted items btw love you! :D

    88. shadowlemonn AJPW or normal vids about my cat

      I forgot I already watched this, the raccoon part reminded me that.

    89. Nicole Anaya


    90. Chelsea Adams

      Pickle looks like Cousin Derp!

    91. Aven Walker

      grEAt wOrK!!!11

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      the hot cocoa bears name should be mr cocoa or cocaou the bear, and the fat pigs name should be feefee or fiona or piggerly [lol ]

    93. Sisters channel /Sophia R

      You should name the pig bunny-bob lol

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      Omg Cousin Derp is back!

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    96. Riley's Rusty Restoration

      who else whaching in 2020? | | | V

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      I love seeing your art work