Create This Book 2 | Episode #3

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    Hey Guys! Today is episode #3 of Create This Book 2! It feels pretty good to finally make some progress on this series! I decorated the outside of the book including the cover, spine, edges, (posca paint pens make a comeback) as well as doing a page within the book (Create Drips), which I themed after crayon melting. Have you guys tried crayon melting before? It was a popular crafting trend a few years ago, but I was never any good at it. I think I prefer drawing them haha.
    BTW. SORRY if my voice sounds quieter, for some reason I was speaking more softly than normal? or maybe I was too far from the mic. no clue why LOL.
    People keep commenting about how I dated the page (of all things)
    -YES I know today is the 8th of February, but I completed that page on Wednesday, the 6th. I never film the same day I post, it takes me multiple days to make a video
    -If you are outside the US, the date format may look strange. But in the US, we list the month FIRST, so 02/06/2019 is February 6th, 2019, not June 2nd hahaha.

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    1. Shady Acres Landscape

      Make a create this book # 7

    2. shruti joshi

      hi moriah can you try making a rainbow river in a type landscape

    3. The Kid

      I’m going to paint pumpkins

    4. Ema Mysickova

      We had art class and we needed a ruler I did it free hand and the teacher didn't even notice I didn't use a ruler then I told and her expression froze

    5. Emily B

      I just brought this CTB 2! I used the have the first but it went missing a while ago so I ended up re-watching these ( currently ) aand I remember how fun it was so my CTB 2 should be coming in between today and tthursday!

    6. Greeshma Pradeep

      I Love your channel

    7. Starplaytime

      Omg I luv ur vids u are so good I wish I was as good as you I mean I can’t Even draw a heart lol

    8. Abbi Rifenbark

      The star she messed up on looks like Patrick

    9. Milena Madriz


    10. Putik Latorre


    11. Putik Latorre


    12. Stephanie Silva

      hOw I BuY oNe?

    13. Susan Emmert

      Create more!

    14. Gracie Torres

      Turn your face into a unicorn

    15. Circe Dopp

      you should do a video with no rainbows

    16. Maciek Kleibert

      Am neu wiz

    17. Maciek Kleibert


    18. Noodle Roblox

      The drips reminds me of your new intro

    19. Floria Ip

      Your crayon melting failed and ended up like a doo doo 💩!?

    20. Nanook the Doggo

      “W-why Don’t you just use crayons? *color color color color color* “...BECAUSE I HATE CRAYONS!”

    21. kinny kk

      My 7 year old sister calls crayons crawons

    22. maksuda akter

      I love your drawing 😍❤️🎨

    23. Arwyn Neufeld

      the wack star looks like patrick from spongbob

    24. Cheryl

      “Sometimes there are breakups, broken hearts, failures, mental breakdowns” *Every apology video from “Those kind of youtubers” has entered the chat*

    25. (Norah) Leonorah Fordham

      Food this is gud

    26. valentina coccia

      'sign it and... DATE IT. '

    27. Varsha Peddu

      Couldn't she just use colored pencils?

    28. K Young


    29. K Young

      In just now watching this and I see she grew sarcasm

    30. Kevin Prine

      You have to do 24 hours with out rainbow!!!!

    31. Nick Brooks


    32. Aaron Dragushan


    33. c e l e s t i a l a r t i s t

      “By Moriah Elizabeth *AND* um... Moriah Elizabeth”

    34. dominique roberson

      6:16 - 6:18😂😂😂😂😂

    35. Sophie mack

      Moriah:having a hard time Figuring out what to do for the cover. Me in the first minute of mentioning she’s trying to figure out what to do for the cover: I’d do a pop tart. Edit: sorry I am hungry 🤤 mmmmmh food 🥟🍔🍟🌭🥓🍕🍖🥞🍗🥩🍞🥯🥖🥨🧀🧇

    36. Alma Sanchez

      Hi do you know e huh?

    37. justin hill

      hi i am a big fan

    38. Dorian Crowder

      I love your vids your my fav HUfastr

    39. Greg Simpson

      i have been watching your videos since i was 6 and i'm 10 now and i just noticed that you are left handed

    40. Sydney Auld

      How long does it take for the podcast pens to dry on front and back cover Moriah?

    41. Mandy Newlands

      who else is watching this in 2020

    42. Starr Lynn Allen

      My name is Starr and she used a lot of stars.

    43. LoL GUyS

      I am a real covor wnmeijdhajsdj

    44. LoL GUyS

      ..........Ohhh neon colors

    45. Lalit Shukla


    46. Flowerpower

      I dare you something if u complete the dare I will tell my whole relative to subscribe t ur channel the dare is to make a video without editing it

    47. Shanika Sumagayan E.

      When she sneezed this is the first thing in my head... !!!!!!CORONAVIIIIIIIIIRUUSSSSSS!!!!!!!

    48. Angel DiamondLover9904

      I love that cover!

    49. Amara A.

      Hey the last time we saw the rainbow is whenever she was re-creating her old artwork and it went through clouds and burst it out into confetti when will we see her again that beautiful rainbow 😢

    50. Crafting With Ally

      Moriah I have no problem with no break from rainbow I’m a fellow rainbow fan and I can’t stop using it.

    51. GoslowBoofhead

      You realise it has been a year and she has only done 3 episodes

    52. Athifa Lana

      Is this book any in Indonesia?

    53. Adrianna Davis

      I have been waiting to finally being able to talk to Moriah Elizabeth and I am finally able so I wanted to say I have been a really big fan and I really like your art work like the squishy make overs

    54. Adrianna Davis

      When she said date the book will she actually do that

    55. Riley Hostetler

      She said crayons so many times it didn’t even sound like a word!😂🖍

    56. Jasmine Corral

      How did some of us get to send stuff to you

    57. Callie 929

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    58. Mike Longridge


    59. Mike Longridge

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    60. 『Snøw Paīsley』

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    61. The Three Musketeers

      I still don't understand why the heck people watching the videos are more then subscribers !!!??!!???@??

    62. The Three Musketeers

      I still don't understand why the heck people watching the videos are more then subscribers !!!??!!???@??

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      I don’t get how so many people dislike her videos 😐………

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    65. Computer Dubs

      My LGBTQ mind when she draws a rainbow: LBGTQ!!!!

    66. Darrah Bradley

      You always say like sorry I keep doing rainbows we like the rainbows keep doing them 🤗😀

    67. Sebastian García Álvarez

      I hate crayons two😉

    68. Sameera Nadeem

      Is it just me who realized Moriah always points out her flaws and tells us to ignore them EVEN THOUGH NO-ONE NOTICES THEM!!!!!!!!

    69. Sameera Nadeem

      When she didn't use "fingers down spine" Me: Who are you and what did you do with Moriah Elizabeth. 'Reference from Harry Potter'

    70. Emily Boles

      melt crayons on a canvas

    71. Lorena Zenteno

      Twinkle Twinkle little star... A tiskit, a taskit, a green and yellow basket... 😂😂😂😂😂

    72. jenelyn_kawai gaming

      You Made this book?

    73. Marcus Howell

      Her: "Next episode I'll give rainbows a rest." The next episodes thumbnail: Rainbow. It isn't her video if there isn't a rainbow

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    86. Bulent Karakis


    87. EmmaTheVSCOgirl

      Moriah that's so cool! I'm watching this for like the 5th time but now I realised when you did the crayon drips on 2.6. 2019 it's my birthday!

    88. anannya shahi

      Is she serious her drawing is so amazing still she is not satisfied with her drawing if I even make a apple I be so happy and she OMG

    89. SunrisePlayz

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      Who else bought this book and finished it in a day or a year? 😊😊😊💕💕💕

    92. CookiegirlJudy


    93. amanda williams

      You need to stop with the children’s songs Like if you agree: 👇🏻

    94. Sweet Sweety

      Try doing the Mona Lisa with only friend you will be amazing at it

    95. Sweet Sweety

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    96. Zoe_and_Moo

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    97. Zoe_and_Moo


      1. Zoe_and_Moo

        its because that's what the puppy on my lap looks like

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      I just laughed there like crazy when it was playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 😂.

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