Create This Book 2 | Episode #6

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    Hey guys! Today is episode #6 of Create This Book 2! I’m breaking out a lot of watercolor in this episode with a water brush (duh), and als some standard crayola washable markers (which may or may not have been a mistake). Stay tuned till the end to give your feedback....i need it lol.
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    Intro Music by: SHIFTYPOP
    "Music: Love Light and Twinkles by JivingGerbil

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    1. Girly early bird

      shoot for the moon cuse even if you miss youll land among the stars!

    2. Girly early bird

      you go table!

    3. Girly early bird

      ( table starts going rouge) Moriah: oh my goshsss! i cant get it to stop! # moriah elizibeth 2020 betten by a table!

    4. 1-UP Gaming

      When you were about to do the uglify something beautiful page, I was think you were gunna do a rainbow but with neutrals.

    5. Nikki does evry think

      𝙷𝚒 𝚜𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚛𝚎𝚙𝚕𝚢 𝚡𝚡

    6. Gabriella Lozano

      I'm trying to watch the whole season of create this journal Is it just me?? 😳😳

    7. Lilith Troost

      6:57 OMG I have this allllll the time. Even when someone’s TALKING about spiders...

    8. zoya steed

      ah, watching in 2020 with the old intro, brings back memories, of when i was at a cafe pretending to work but im just enjoying coffee and moriah. now i make my own coffee at home. good times!

    9. Lorelai McGrail

      Are u going to do inktober

    10. A J

      Now that I think about, if Moriah believes that she doesn’t deserve “good” art supplies.. then I PROBABLY don’t even deserve “bad” art supplies.... 😂😭

    11. Jamie Klingenberg


    12. Vashti Sammy

      Girl your not alone i hate!!! spiders!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Angela Demirez

      I have the same phone audio thing lol

      1. Angela Demirez

        When someone calls

    14. Puppet fnaf 2

      Go to Spider creeps me

    15. Puppet fnaf 2

      Pickles beautiful XD

    16. Bridget Mayo

      ya funny i love watching your videos

    17. Flora Tierney

      ( she was talking about the maggot ice-cream

    18. Flora Tierney

      Morah: some people like this Me: ... 0-0

    19. Hrishti Mund


    20. Krafty Kitten

      eyeball with a worm=turtle

    21. Addy Grace

      watercolor sugar hi

    22. Unicorn4TClife90 :D

      What fine liner are you using!?!? I must knowwww

    23. Black lives matter !!

      What color pencils do you use?

    24. ItzSaturn

      Moriah: i don’t deserve the art supplies Me: 🙄

    25. Monkey_Mattie

      My cousin is an artist and she has a watercolor brush and a palet

    26. Nicole Collins

      So if you ever call a spider an insect or a bug I will come to your house jk but if you ever call a spider an insect or bug I will just remind you and remind you that spiders are arachnids not insect or bugs ok.

    27. Nicole Collins

      Spiders are not bugs or insects they are arachnids

    28. mahira verma


    29. mahira verma

      You should re do the koala .big fan

    30. Ramachandra Sakre

      Moraiah you are wrong i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee rainbow and sprinkles☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    31. Galaxy girl

      my friends lil sis wants a pet spider,my friend and me oh no 😓

    32. Hycraut

      Imagine Moriah as a school art teacher. *Bet ya’ll 10 buckz every kid’s fav lesson would br art*

    33. Abbigale Capes

      i hate spiders

    34. Jessica Dopps

      Hi I was thinking it would be cool if you painted on a puzzle. just a suggestion. Btw I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!

    35. Allison Meza

      Leave a like if you like to draw and if you wish if you can meet her

    36. Jeimy Estrella

      I was thinking the same the cone should be poop

    37. Akshaya Kaivalya


    38. Akshaya Kaivalya

      R Ra Rai Rain Rainb Rainbo Rainbow Rainbo Rainb Rain Rai Ra R 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈⚡️⚡️⚡️🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈⚡️⚡️⚡️🌈🌈🌈

    39. Akshaya Kaivalya

      She’s terrible Jk

    40. Joseph Red kettle

      Put a ❤️ When it is 2021

    41. Sophia Labelle

      Hi! I love your videos! How are you so good at drawing?

    42. Mysha Haider

      is it important to use modpodge on every page or we can choose we wanna use modpodge or not???????!!??

    43. Philippa Adamson

      The spider looks like it’s doing ballet

    44. Bhuvi Kohli

      I said poop before you said I will I will make the Konark out of poop I said the first thing yeah poop, so disgusted that anybody I didn’t mean something like

    45. no

      I have trypophobia :(

    46. Benesia Johnson


    47. 318 A - Lily Markham

      Could've added burgers to the con

    48. Floria Ip

      Yucky that…I would not eat that ice cream!!!

    49. Lucy Tappin

      Her artwork is amazing and she should stop putting herself down

    50. Angela Ziegler


      1. Angela Ziegler


    51. Charlene Thurner

      I love the spider page

    52. Michael Collie

      Moriah: talking talking talking HOT MAD MAGGOT ROT talking talking talking Me: ...

    53. raha vlogs

      how many pages are in the book ?+

    54. Stoutclouth785 Unicorn

      You have ruined ice cream for me

    55. Scarlet Seidl

      I'm kinda sad that she thinks that she is so bad at art. She is better then me and probably most of the people that watch this. She is so talented and it makes me sad that she thinks that she is bad at it. Btw moriah I subbed

    56. justin cho

      She is amazing at making art. ITS ALLWAYS Aswome

    57. Drew Rocque-Lacroix

      Hi moriah

    58. niki damage

      i wish she made the red and orange part of the tree,

    59. Yazmin Romero-Haluska

      Can I buy your hands plz 😂

    60. Lucille Devitt

      She always says that her art is not so good and then there is me. i can't even draw a stick figure :/

    61. Farida Siamwala

      You are great at everthing

    62. Hanne Haavardsholm Kleppa

      I am iting

    63. Indie Glitter

      0:46 (ish) Moriah: you can think anything is beautiful. Me: yup, 1 persons trash is another persons treasure :)

    64. Amy Anderson

      you now what Moriah I also hate spiders because they are sometimes hairy and gross.

    65. David Kelly

      I hate spiders I have a flipping folia or them

    66. arts 'n' crafts

      she is a left handed

    67. Faded Monsters

      I'm sorry if this is rude but that spider was wrong not because of the rainbow, but because spiders are arachnids and all arachnids have 2 parts of their body not 3 or else it's an insect. I'm really sorry if that came out rude.

    68. Alvin Armstrong

      Nope you got the grossness from the maggots

    69. Rylee Selent


    70. Kaili Rybolt

      a spiter is not a bug

    71. Helen Kidman

      The bug is a spider

    72. Mrunalini Nevase

      You recation toward spider was superb 😂😂😂😂😂😀😂😀

    73. Shanika Sumagayan E.

      I'm so jealous of the people who have the "Create this Book" or "Create this Book 2". I'm looking forward to having that on my birthday which is next year.

    74. Shanika Sumagayan E.

      I love mint chocolate chip too!!!

    75. Kirsten Weigand

      you think you're not the best artist well you're my favorite artist favorite HUfastr and my idol so I think you're the best artist in the world

    76. Emilia Öhlin

      Moriah: sorry if I let you down on that one. Me:stop moriah don’t be sorry it’s your own artwork Moriah: I am bad at painting. Me: You are the best artist in the world! Love you moriah💗💖💝💘💚❤️🌈

    77. Connie Conbon

      would it work to use the mod podge on the cover?

    78. texashex

      Hi Moriah

    79. MG Far

      Redo it!

    80. Anna Maria

      who all watch Moriah's video a thousands times

      1. Anna Maria

        I watch it

    81. sad waxvalNana Giorxelidze

      dat ice crem sod be in a horer move

    82. sad waxvalNana Giorxelidze

      pigi book 2 (2020)

    83. Sandi Buckley

      Hey! Guess what? Read more

    84. Jennifer Parisi

      I the black can be mold

    85. r was

      Wow you are good at drawing

    86. Maya Siva

      That ice cream is gross

    87. T P

      Moriah: "Where's the undo button?" Me : Where can I find an undo button for my life at this point in time, or at least some bleach?

    88. Keerthana Praveen

      You’re a great artist

    89. Martin Vause

      This is how many people like Moriah ⬇️

    90. Scott Stamper

      Aww, that spider is so kawaii 😍🕷️

    91. Jesse Streeter

      You wouldn't want to be around me I love spiders and I'm trying to get a tarantula as a pet. But I'm not one of those people to chase you with something that your afraid of. I would just let you know dont freak out I have a tarantula as a pet.

    92. Jesse Streeter

      Your water color paint job is amazing nothing is ever wrong with it.

    93. Kathryn Moffett

      Her art skills are giving me art vibes! =D

    94. The Minions

      Me: *watch intro* Me: bruh. I was eating I lost my appetite >:( Moriah: sorry not sorry :|

    95. The Minions

      Me: *watch intro* Me: bruh. I was eating I lost my appetite >:( Moriah: sorry not sorry :|

    96. Panda A

      I love your art and how funny you are

    97. yessica valle

      i want a book and i am a kid

    98. Rachel Collins

      Is it okay if I copy some of the pages you did in my book?

    99. Violet Rose

      GRUNGE STYLE! Grunge style is flannel and ripped jeans and. I am sorry. I am thinking of the 90s grunge rock style.

    100. Eden Worth

      Me :*cliks* Also me : *gienualy dances to the intro* Me to :🤣🤣