Create This Book 2 | Episode #4

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    Hey guys! Today is episode #4 of Create This Book 2! You guys have been requesting this like craaaazy! I'm so glad, because I love this series and I'm so happy to keep doing more episodes. I did 3 more pages that I am (again) super happy with and really enjoyed doing. I used my trusty colored pencils for my drawings as usual, and also broke out the posca paint pens.
    Rainbows, sprinkles, cute/weird animals, random dolphins and lots of interesting (?) commentary coming your way LOL
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    1. Diana Petty

      I swear moraya is a cycho path but in a good way

    2. Cupcake Cutie

      Daydream means you dream in the day

    3. Bridget Hall

      I LOVED THE COG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Bridget Hall

      Daydreaming is dreaming in the day.

    5. The Epic Sisters

      Teacher: Make an article on people who like onion and add puns Me: .... Moriah: They find it very ap-peeling Class: say wat? Me: Wow 😯 she’s good Teacher: was that a one of ur article Moriah: No it was mah pun Teacher: Explain ur self

    6. Shagun Lalbhai

      The only thing that went good for me is finding Moriah,s channel

    7. Grace Dean

      When you said time for the date, I wasn't thinking and thought you said ACTUALLY going on a date then I realise you ment the date stamp.

    8. Elisa Morales

      I just got my book in the mail rn💀😂😂

    9. Jennifer Dries

      Mariah I know it's like a year later but that day is literally my birthdayif you get any messages that I left a comment please reply because this is really crazy I love your art and my birthday this was on my birthday I remember something that I was doing on my birthday but yeah my birthday is March 30th.!!!!! Omg like if so cool.

    10. Sara Yelton

      I write my dates that way too! And also I absolutely LOVE your breeded animals!! You should continue to do this and make them into stuffed animals!!!!!! 🐷🐮🐭🐤🐑

    11. Jade Currier

      Cow-dog sheep-pig duck-mouse cat-butterfly

    12. HayleyLovesPie 111

      The onion club is a thing. My school has a club dedicated to watching/discussing shrek movies and doing onion eating challenges.. We LiVe In A sOcIeTy-

    13. Chimamanda Ahaneku

      Moriah: It not heavy..... Me: Why would it be heavy? ITs PapER. Dab. That was a pun....

    14. Chimamanda Ahaneku

      I'm eating while watching this. Moriah makes me laugh so hard. Stop chok'in me lady!!!

    15. Shivangi Kumar

      Onions are part of society....well well that's a new information

    16. Amy Rapsey

      Don’t bring out the pickle someone there’s not pickle the dinosaur here

    17. •Shxrry•

      I was like “aww that looks like fun I want a book too” but then I remembered I already had one from last year that I forgot abt 💀🤚

    18. rainbow clouds stars moon

      WOW 😲😲😲

    19. MOEEZ ijaz

      Hi!! Your Bigggggggggggg Fan I Wanted To Ask That The Create This Book 2 Has The Same Prompts or Different & New Prompts?

    20. Adriana and Noah

      You are a good cheater

    21. Grace Grantham

      For the butter fly cool it butter cat

    22. senam

      Ur prisms colours are cool I have to colour with my pencils like 3 tomes to get rid of the visible lines

    23. Aubrey Morgenweck

      i'm going to ask my mom if we can by posca paint pens

    24. Macy Hearon

      did you know that pink dolphins are alive

    25. Smore_dip

      Moriah on episode 3 : NO MORE RAINBOWS ON THE NEXT EPISODE next episode : RAINBOWS

    26. Christmas Tree

      You should of done and out of order rainbow for the last one

    27. KNOT onceUbeenblack

      Cow, dog, cat, butterfly, sheep, pig, mouse and duck.

    28. prashanth gurijala

      Who hate onions give like

    29. prashanth gurijala

      I hate onions too

    30. Saralyn Hardeman

      For when she had to draw something she hates I think she should have drawn an out of order rainbow.

    31. Freya Power

      Hiiiiiiiii I love you soooooooooo much I have just started my own HUfast channel have you got any tips

    32. Taika Himberg

      Who else is watching these on 2020? XD

    33. Soren Hopkins-Goff

      Stay strong everyone

    34. Leisha Parekh

      Onions are pink

    35. Ashlynn Masteller


    36. Addies doll World

      The monkey duck kinda looks like Georgie just me ok

    37. Crabicorn Kitty


    38. ꧁Sapphire Wolf Queen꧂

      Moriah: I hate onions Shrek: I am *offended* ,Don’t talk to me

    39. Organic Vibez

      The DOFIN 🐬🐬

    40. Anna Stercula

      I copy the picter in Google and I draw it

    41. Bad Vibes damn

      “...and a cat butterfly...” oh so like a catterfly? “a butterflat, obviously.”

    42. Abbigale Capes

      i love your work

    43. Kevin Boyles

      who else gets triggered when she says the google

    44. Swara Karemore

      she didn't take a break from rainbows!! : ) I m not surprised

    45. xoxise ji

      im just making my own because my parents wont let me :(

    46. Carlos Garcia

      My day dream is to make a good galaxy drawing ✨

    47. Nikol Krasteva

      Who is watching this in 2020

    48. {world of magic}

      I kinda wanna eat onions with frosting on it it looks good and I’m not sure why

    49. Sophia Labelle

      That is also the way you write the date here in Canada

    50. Sophia Labelle

      Please can you make mare create this book 2.

    51. Roblox Gal

      Im making a make this book 2 from scratch

    52. Stacy sims


    53. Stacy sims

      I love this chanle

    54. Aziza Springnight

      ‘Why draw something real when you can draw something never seen before...’ five seconds later... ‘ After looking for reference on google I have drawn 3 onions’ 😂😂😂

    55. Curt Davis

      Me:sees cat and butterfly* Me:catterfly Moriah:butterflat

    56. Madchef

      Me:I WANT CREATE THIS BOOK ONE AND TWO After looking at the price:Ye I'm fine you I'd rather not you an cep it

    57. Zac Miles

      Gorge I saw Georgie

    58. Benesia Johnson

      What do you mean 🤔you are crazy ✌️

    59. Emi Morris

      We write dates like this 31/6/20

    60. The odd squad -;w;

      Ok I might sound like a weirdo if none does this with me but am I the only one why copy’s the book like I write down the “create something” stuff

    61. Lana Hadarin

      It doesn’t look like a duck monkey 🐒

    62. Michael Collie

      Moriah (last episode): i promise ill give rainbow a break Moriah ( this episode): Makes a rainbow daydream

    63. Gracie Allison

      did anyone notice that she did the demon eye thing again for the combine two animals let me know

    64. Gamingwithsnakes

      "ThE AmErIcA"

    65. Jaylah Jay

      In *T H E A M E R I C A*

    66. Savannah Hoffmann

      I have a video idea that u think would be pretty cool...... I think it would be cool if you painting a wall that's in your art room. I just thought of this bc I saw a video that you where hanging things in your art room so I thought why not PAINT A WALL Instead of decorating it with painted items btw love you! :D

    67. John Garantiva

      Butterflats wings must be flat

    68. niki damage

      i need u to post more create this books! once a month or once every two months !!! your last one, WAS 10 MONTHS AGO!!!

    69. maple Mily

      Dow Pheep Dunkey Caterfly

    70. jahanvi shah

      Where's cat tail 😂.

    71. Dorian Crowder

      How many people are wathching this in 2020 in qurintine

    72. Ensad Silahić

      THIS IS how we date in slovenija:30.3.2019

    73. Jazzyviolet

      Wait, I thought u lived in the Uk😂

    74. Tomas Fernandez

      Don’t you mean mooooooooooooooooooo

    75. Maxime Tokou

      Who else got the merges correct cause I did anybody else😊😊🙂

    76. Zoe Howard

      THE google????

    77. GatchaCat

      when she did the onions my eyes tear up

    78. GatchaCat

      this is so funny

    79. v s

      You betrayer ☹️😭😫 in the last vid you told you would not draw rainbows in this vid!!! Youre a betrayer 😭😫☹️!! I hate you!! ( just kidding cause she told I WILL MABEY GIVE YOU A BREAK FROM RAINBOWS ) 😁😀

    80. Tia

      Its 7:26 am

    81. 1000 subscribers with two videos Challenge

      I thought donkey wan a mouse penguin?... A MENGUIN

    82. demi groucutt

      What's a day dream

      1. Derek McReynolds

        A dream in the day but with ur eyes open so basically, thinking of something

    83. Aubrey Rudd

      It looks like a mouse to me

    84. Alvin Armstrong

      You Clod another rainbow

    85. Isaac Lopez

      On wensday i gowing to school IN COVID 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    86. Little Midnight

      I got a dollar for eating one bite of a raw onion. Tbh, I liked that bite of onion more than I like it cooked. (I might be crazy)

    87. EmRuth 333

      I just realized she made the merged animals page on my birthday

    88. Really Grealy

      Moriah: I don't like drawing stuff that you could see in real life I like to be creative 2 secs latter she draws onions form a Google reference

    89. Sara Lakeman

      people watching this now like gorgie

    90. 2024 student7

      After getting Poscas for my birthday I can appreciate the sheer addiction to the glorious, heavenly paint

    91. nykiyah rogers

      I can’t be the only one who thinks the “duck monkey” is a “mouse penguin” every time I watch this it comes to my mind

    92. • Neeky •

      1:46 No Buttercat. Oof- I am smart UwU

    93. Jennifer Parisi

      You are great

    94. Jennifer Parisi

      I love you

    95. Jennifer Parisi

      Your so funny

    96. Kayla Meckelson

      The dog cow is a cattle dog

    97. M Breezy

      I thought the duck was a koala mouse

    98. Jackie Brumley

      Moriah: Its been far too long.. Me: ITS BEEN TWO MOUTH'S!

    99. Riley Hostetler

      I’m just gonna keep breeding no no😂 Also am I the only one who is a little annoyed how she just skips through pages and goes to an entirely different part of the book?😂😂 No offense, love you Moriah