Art Things To Do When Bored #4

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    Hey guys! Since you really seem to be enjoying this series, I've decided to come back at you with a brand new batch of ideas for fun and easy art and craft things that you can do when bored at home using cheap, common, household supplies (mostly). If you like art and crafts in general, you will probably already have all or most of these supplies on hand. I hope you guys enjoy the video and get some ideas for things to do when you are bored!
    Be sure to check out the other videos of this series, they include things like customizing and painting things, drawing, art challenges, organization/craft room cleanup, bedazzling, old sketchbooks, stickers, puffy paint (homemade stickers), digital art, color theory, abstract art, aesthetic slime creations, art challenges like the 3 color challenge, blindfolded art, speed drawing, customizing clothing etc. BUT today I am going to be showing you how to make a DIY body and face paint, faux stained glass room decor using glue, painting challenges, fixing up old stuff, using an instant camera and more!
    Also...I GAVE IN. I just got a TikTok. @me.moriah.elizabeth
    It's actually kinda fun so far. Please join me there *creepy voice*

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