Art Room Tour | Art. Crafts. Squishies. (Pt. 2)

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    Hey Guys! Today I am doing PART 2 pf the highly requested art studio/room/craft room/squishy room/workstation tour....LOL. This is where I film my videos, paint my squishies, do thrift store makeovers and store all of my art and craft supplies. And I'm going to show you everything, open every cabinet and go through every drawer of the rest of the room.

    I went into a lot of detail (hopefully not too much lol), because I wanted to show you guys not only all my supplies and creations, but even all my weird collections. I have lots of my childhood stuff on display, in addition to all of my art, crafts, thrift store makeovers and squishies from squishy makeovers that I've made in the past.
    It's taken me about 4 months to put this room together, but it's finally done and I'm super happy with it! I hope you guys like how it came out. I've taken a lot of time and effort into the displays and also supply organization. This IS actually how I keep my room on a regular basis. I didn't clean it for the video haha. I actually really like everything organized and can't stand to work in a messy environment.
    I know just how fortunate I am to have all of this. And I am sincere when I say, thank you to everyone who has been supporting me and watching my videos. This is really an awesome set-up. BUT at the same time, I never want to make anyone feel bad or feel like they can't make art or be creative if they don't have this stuff.You really don't need all of this to make great art, great videos or be happy. I want to make sure that I'm not sending the wrong message about that. As happy and grateful as I am for all of this, I know it's just stuff and it's NOT a necessity. I made the same kind of art and videos when I lived in a basement, and even though my set-up has changed, nothing else has.
    This room is a result of a LOT of hard work. I've been making videos for like 7 years and have just in the past year started to gain traction on my channel and able to make this a full-time job. It's been a loooot of hard work and effort to get to this point. This is my 2019 studio tour! Maybe, I'll do one every year to keep it updated.

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