A Super Fantabulous Q&A

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    Hey! So it's uhh, just a QandA today. I'm not even going to try to use some clickbait title, because honestly I hate that haha. BUT, definitely some answers to your burning questions, some that were asked serisouly HUNDREDS of times, so I hope these answers are satisfying for you? lol

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    I hope you guys enjoy this. I know it's not my regular content, but I tried my best to make it as entertaining as possible still. Give it a chance? Thaaaanks :)
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    1. Pratha Patel

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      I love your squishy makeovers videos but my favourite squishy is the cake

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      Moriah do you have any brothers and sisters?

    16. Shaffrali Shaffie

      Moriah do you have any brothers and sisters?

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      Haters gonna hate gurl


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      I loved how she read ‘ are you mixed’. And then her face after and ‘why the explanation point after?’

    28. Joanna Chapman-Ellis

      Hello Moriah I loved this video 😍 P.s you are amazing.

    29. Nikita Slingerland

      you NEED to make Opie a cat INSTAGRAM it would be so CUTE!!

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      6:36 i think they meant who was he named off of, and its from the andy griffeth show i think

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      "did you realise he is a squishy and I am a human being" me now: well we living in 2o2o so now he is a backpack , a lunch box, a squishy , a jacket, a part of a bottle and a pair of shoes may be more but IdK

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