A New Way to Make Custom Pins!!

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    Hey guys! Today I have a video for you that kinda started as one thing, but then morphed into something else haha. I thought that i was going to be testing an art/craft kit for this video called "glass stone art craft kit." BUT, I ended up not liking the kit so much and being uninspired by the supplies included. so, i decided to go off on my own creative adventure lol. I used this kit to create a new batch of DIY custom pins. If you've been around my channel for a while you will know that I love making custom pins. I've made them with clay, shrink plastic, and even hot glue. But this was my first time using glass pendants to create pins. I was able to create my own digital art using an app on my ipad called Procreate to draw some designs for my pins and make them completely custom.
    Sorry if this video was kind of all over the place, but I definitely had fun and I really hope you like the final result.

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    Here is the kit I'm using (this is an affiliate link):

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