3 Posca Paint Pen Projects | Easy Paint Marker Crafts

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    Hey Everyone! Today I am doing a crafty video, showing 3 ideas I came up with for using my new Posca Paint Pens. These are a little pricey, but if you love to craft, draw, decorate, I think they are definitely worth it! I decided to start with decorating some simple things that’s I have already done before since this is my first time using them. I tried out a little paper mache box that I picked up from the dollar store, a couple rocks (highly requested rock painting returns haha!), and some shrink plastic (shrink dinks) to make MORE diy pins.
    *BTW THIS VIDEO IS NOT SPONSORED. I paid for these on my own*
    I hope you guys enjoyed this video and it gave you some ideas if you already have these paint pens, or if you don’t already have them, maybe now you’ll want them (sorry! lol). There are TONS more surfaces and projects you can do with these, so if you guys want me to do a second video with even more ideas, let me know.

    Pros of posca pens:
    -bold color, more convenient, faster, mess free and easy than traditional painting, can be used on tons of surfaces, can be layered, non-toxic
    Cons of Posca pens:
    -Pricey, can’t blend with them, limited to a set of colors
    Posca Paint Pens:
    Paper Mache Boxes:
    Acrylic Gesso:
    Glossy Mod Podge:
    Shrink Plastic:

    I think these projects are really great, easy crafts for kids, teens or adults to do when you're bored, or just to get in the creative spirit. Hope you try them yourself!

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