Hey it's ME (Moriah Elizabeth).

What editing program do you use? Adobe Premiere Pro CC
What camera do you film with? Panasonic GH4
What ethnicity are you? My mom is white, my dad is peruvian/italian
How old are you? 25
Did you make Create This Book? Yes! I wrote it, illustrated it and published it myself. It is sold on Amazon.com

For business or promotional inquiries please contact [email protected]

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For sending squishies, Letters, or general fan mail, please contact: [email protected] to request my P.O. box address :)
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  1. Arianna Alfaro

    She should do the koala with wings with a chocolate bar, the 4 footbal-head cats, the wierd elephants, and the dog ripped to peices. Those were the ones I thought would look good in a makeover. Also, I painted a drippy rainbow painting kinda like the one she painted on a shirt, I just really liked the idea so I changed it a little and then painted it.

  2. me important

    Hiiiiiii moriah elizabeth

  3. RoyaleHighSpice Gals

    The seal is very cute

  4. ꧁ice Cream꧂

    Also me: DOHIKY!?! WhAt On EaRtH

  5. Larry Robinson

    I don't like to watch you suffer of making Squishy's😇. Do you do amazing add it. Sometimes it can be hard. But you always complete it. And you do amazing with Blending the colors. U was very hard and I support you.

  6. ꧁ice Cream꧂

    Me waching this for the 100 time: I want moriah to plan my wedding

  7. I ate Your mom

    "Ok I'll edit it out" *leaves it in*

  8. Carla Hadden

    There is a seller on Amazon selling Moriah’s design, and merch, without giving her credit. This isn’t fair, Moriah works so hard on all of her squishes and merch. Let’s try and get Moriah to see this comment. Please help! Thank you. “(All credit goes to Victoria K, the original commenter :)

  9. Cecilia Adams


  10. Scott Lathrop

    put the clip on your art shelf in the back we can also see it all the time

  11. Basically Jane

    My first grade teacher's daughter was actually part of making the wreck this journal.

  12. RoyaleHighSpice Gals

    Make the koala pizza designed

  13. RoyaleHighSpice Gals

    Ok, gurl u need to do the narwhal cake oneeee pls like if u agree! 👇

  14. Vianca Caivinagua

    I think you would be funny on “Nailed It” because you are so creative

  15. Sparkle Kitten

    The painting was the most beautiful

  16. Tynekka Stedwell


  17. Avery Fulcher

    Moriah should try out fidget toys.

  18. China Arai

    Demon eyes

  19. Jamie Gunther

    My daily dose of Maria Elizabeth

  20. RoyaleHxney

    Hi Moriah, you have probably seen some of my comments, as I have been a fan for a while. I have been feeling a bit strange lately and not really like myself. I keep thinking I hurt a lot of people and I dont know how, thats just how I feel. When I watch you try to make your idea come to life and it doesn't work out, you dont give up and keep going no matter how bad it went. That is basically resilience. You remind me that no matter what I do, how bad its going, to never give up and strive for something better. It makes me feel really good when I watch your videos and I start feeling like my self. You are a combination of funny, resilience, kindness, and lets be honest, beauty. Thank you for doing youtube. Ilysm Moriah!!

  21. bayleigh springer

    What's funny is she said bear with me right before she made the coco 🐨🐻

  22. Tynekka Stedwell


  23. Cecilia Adams

    Moriah:talking about the green screen blankets Me: sees her green socks Me: your socks are green screen girllllll

  24. dave hamend

    they look like bubbles i watch you a lot you are good at the sqosheas pleas send me some my name is aleaha at west haden avinew

  25. Soleil's Life


  26. Gwen Tjoeng

    cam u pls restock the pins, I really want one

  27. Zoey Slone


  28. Libby Mauws

    My friend got me that for my birthday! :)

  29. Sarah Zidaru


  30. ꨄ ʟʏʟᴀ ᴡ. ꨄ

    11:53 when she said “there’s only one reasonable thing to do!” i honestly thought she was going to start eating the batter-

  31. Addy Quick

    The bear thing i think is a fox

  32. Zoey Slone


  33. Julian Lopez

    I love your video they are awesome 🤩

  34. Teia Mai

    I like them all. Except for the shorts dont really match. The jacket also is a little off but if great by itself

  35. MeemSickle :p

    9:25 Say whaaaaaat? I have NO idea what you said LOL

  36. Zoey Slone

    Weird eyes

  37. Stephen Wu

    I need cake because it yummy

  38. buggy blox

    What do u use to make merch?

  39. Addy Quick

    Wow i love love garland

  40. Best of the Beck

    You need to make a bumblebear squishie

  41. Sarah Zidaru

    wait, she just said that sorry.

  42. Sarah Zidaru

    the pinaple chicken looks like georgie..,.. like if you agree

  43. ladybug898 cat Noir989

    # you do have a pig the fat pig😹 Koala with wings eating a chocolate

  44. Eliora Fink Miller

    I love all over her vedio

  45. Abeer And Family

    No i love it

  46. Kiera Schroeder

    Hey can you do a gay couple once it would make me really happy 🥺

  47. Aphmau fan #anime fan like Aphmau

    If you wanted the full rainbow of sprinkles plus white you could have just got the one pack of rainbow sprinkles and the added white not to be technical though.

  48. Stephen Wu

    I like your video’s

  49. Lisa Sellers

    Please do the decapitated pink unicorn that looks like a pig 🐖

  50. Bepperlen AJ

    8:05 those furbys 😳

  51. Abigayle Martinez

    I love your videos they're awesome you're not bad

  52. Alexis Patterson

    **Scwiky voice** let's get out our puppy paint 😄😄

  53. kateymateymusic1

    The day and night shoes were incredible! The strawberry ones are creepy strawberries. I think your leaves were too harsh-a-line.

  54. Rachel Petersen

    You should make Rosie the bashful dragons friend with the butterfly wings

  55. Amimel Re

    Mariah do you have a microphone I have a megaphone to

  56. Warren Adams


    1. Warren Adams


    2. Warren Adams


  57. Pretty Vienna

    Can you do bake with me #8 please that brings me joy and so do you stay safe love you Moriah

  58. Keira Weightman

    i love this video i would love to get those shoes you an artest Moriah

  59. Mia Hey

    Dog ripped into pieces 🐶😂

  60. find0090 find0090

    YA! Make a squishy of The squishy ghost!!!!

  61. Valentina Arriola

    12:05 Me: listens to what she said. Also me: AHHHHHHHhHhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHh Mom: WHAT!? Me: nothing ;-;

  62. 《 Alex's Channel 》

    Can i buy this???

  63. Agbucel Agbucel

    Love you Moriah!!💖💖💖 Please do the watermelon squishy from the hopleless (almost) bin please!! Copy and repost this everywhere please!!🍉🍉🍉💖💖

  64. Stephanie Cochrane

    Oh Mariah. Lol

  65. Stephen Wu

    Can you make GUDETAMA video I like GUDETAMA

  66. Alexis Sofia Corpus

    Wow your funny today i men every day and cool

  67. Jade Lizotte

    Name for the dalmation dragon fruit: poofy

  68. Fiona Quach

    can you plssssssssss do another bake with me?? <333

  69. Laura Venturini


  70. my hero academia baku deku

    i min the ferst per of shoes ???

  71. Luli Lui

    I would wear ALL of them on my phone! There SO good!

  72. Jingles

    And so came the... BIRTH OF GEORGIE

  73. Meg Goetz

    Don't worry I don't hate you ☺️☺️

  74. Lila Robinson

    moriah is sooooo very sweet!!!!

  75. Ava's Life

    Moriah: Her names Honey. Full name Honey Sweetie.😂